30 Days of TOTAL VICTORY; Day 24





“I saw a dream which made me afraid, and the thoughts upon my bed and the visions of my head troubled me.” (Daniel 4:5)

One way God reveals things to people is through dreams. When you have a dream that is a message, then you know what to do to either make something good happen or stop something bad from happening. However, the enemy also uses dreams to attack people. When you have such dreams, war against their manifestations. The power is in your mouth. Also use the blood and oil.

[Other scriptures: Genesis 41, Daniel 2]



  1. Father I thank You for the gift of life and for fighting unseen battles in my life and family in Jesus name!
  2. Any iniquity I have committed in the past that has not been repented of which is the cause of dream attacks, I plead the blood of Jesus over it now. Show me Your mercy o Lord.
  3. Father make me sensitive in the spirit in Jesus name
  4. Any force of prayer-weakness that exposes me to dream-attacks, I rebuke you now in Jesus name. I receive grace too stand strong in the place of prayer in Jesus name!
  5. Any spirit that makes me forget my dreams, let the fire of God consume you now in Jesus name!
  6. Any covenant with the marine world that torments me in the dream
  7. Any spirit husband or spirit wife that comes to make love to me in the dream, I banish you by fire from today in Jesus name!
  8. Any ties with the spirit world through fornication or association or what I have received from people, I break it now in Jesus name!
  9. Any projection of evil through dream, I send it back to the sender now in Jesus name
  10. Whatever I ate in the dream that is tormenting my health, I destroy you by fire now in Jesus name
  11. Any moving object in my body that entered through dream, let the fire of God consume you now in Jesus name!
  12. Any force that scatters the works of my hands through dream, I scatter you now in Jesus name!
  13. I command every nightmare in my life to come to an end by fire in Jesus name!
  14. Every evil presence in my room that causes evil dreams, let fire consume you now in Jesus name!
  15. I scatter every power that makes me drive cars only in the dream, travel abroad only in the dream, marry only in the dream; have children only in the dream. Fire consume you now in Jesus name
  16. Before anything bad happens, I command it to be revealed to me through dream and be destroyed in Jesus name!
  17. Whatever causes loss as a result of dream, I destroy you now in Jesus name!
  18. Every power tormenting this state and this Nation, crumble now, in the name of Jesus.
  19. Oh God make me a financial pillar in Praise Tabernacle.
  20. You enemies of progress against Larry Mishael Ministries, Praise Tabernacle, Praise TV, I scatter your plans and engagements in Jesus name.
  21. With this seed in my Hand, I arrest every evil dream in my life by fire in Jesus name.


*Apply the blood and oil of gladness now.

*Lift up your hands and thank God for Victory.




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