30 Days of TOTAL VICTORY; Day 26





He disappointeth the devices of the crafty, so that their hands cannot perform their enterprise.” (Job 5:12)

Just as believers go to church meetings, witches also attend meetings where they discuss how to steal, kill and destroy. There they send evil pronouncements against their victims. Goodnews is that God is committed to disappointing their devices, but that can only happen when you pray.

[other scriptures: Psalms 35]




  1. Father I thank You for life and health and not allowing the plans of the evil ones to manifest in my life. Thank You again and again in Jesus name!
  2. Any sin that has given witches and wizards license to torment me, I plead the blood now in Jesus name! Show me Your mercy O Lord.
  3. Father, expose every unfriendly friend around me now by fire in Jesus name
  4. Anybody around me that takes my matter to witchcraft coven, be exposed now in Jesus name!
  5. Any coven where my matter is being discussed, let thunder from heaven scatter them now in Jesus name
  6. Any coven where my personal belonging is, ii turn it into the ark of God now in Jesus name
  7. Any mirror where witches invoke me or my family members, let thunder from heaven shatter it now in Jesus name!
  8. Anybody in my line of business who is siphoning my progress into a witchcraft coven, be exposed and humiliated now in Jesus name.
  9. Whoever took my picture to a witchcraft coven, let fire destroy all of them now in Jesus name.
  10. Any witch or wizard in my compound, I torment you by fire in Jesus name.
  11. Any Trojan gift I have received that has opened me up to witchcraft monitoring and oppression, let fire destroy you now in Jesus name
  12. Any implantation in my life that makes me a victim of oppression, OUT now in Jesus name!
  13. Every evil conspiracy against my life and family, I scatter them by fire now in Jesus name
  14. I strip each spirit off their power and rank and I separate each of them from one another, in the name of Jesus.
  15. I cast out every witchcraft arrow affecting my senses (sight, smell, taste, and hearing) in the name of Jesus.
  16. I bind every evil presence in my bodily system -Reproductive -digestive -respiratory -nervous -skeletal -Muscular – circulatory – endocrine -excretory.
  17. Let the blood of Jesus purge me of every witchcraft contaminating material in the name of Jesus.
  18. Every power tormenting this state and this Nation, crumble now, in the name of Jesus.
  19. Oh God make me a financial pillar in Praise Tabernacle.
  20. You enemies of progress against Larry Mishael Ministries, Praise Tabernacle, Praise TV, I scatter your plans and engagements in Jesus name.
  21. With this seed in my Hand, I arrest every witchcraft activity in my life by fire in Jesus name.


*Apply the blood and oil of gladness now.

*Lift up your hands and thank God for Victory.


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