Praise TV is an International based Christian Television Station at the forefront of Christian TV programming with the vision of breaking the shackles of hell on humanity through the word and worship, and providing kingdom solution. Praise TV is a dynamic station that is passionate about bringing innovative and inspiring Christian programming to our viewers.

Praise TV is headquartered in Owerri with stations in Abuja and Lagos. It is founded by Pastors Larry and Anita Mishael.

Our Mission
To show the power, nature, ability, strength, life and character of God.
To bring you dynamic ministers of God who not only know their faith but show their faith.
To create a spiritual atmosphere where God dwells in each home.

The visionary behind Praise TV is Larry and Anita Mishael. They have given the channel for God’s services, to restore God’s glory and change lives.

Larry Mishael is a charismatic leader, dynamic, visionary, bold, provocative thinker and entrepneur who serves as a Senior Pastor in the word and worship church Praise Tabernacle mission int’l, a global church and a 5000-memebership church located in Eastern Heartland of Nigeria.
Through nexus of charitable works, Pastor Larry Mishael extends a hand of help to the needy, heart of compassion to the hurting and message of deliverance to the oppressed and disfranchised.

Beyond the pulpit, Mishael ranks one of the most influential Pastors in the South Eastern part of Nigeria. His global impact can be felt through a media empire that spans television, radio and best selling books.
A father of one with Anita, Larry Mishael credits his parents and Dr T.L Osborn as the sources of his perseverance and self-reliance. After 33years in ministry, Larry Mishael continues to be a leading voice of innovation, inspiration and influence in our Christendom today.

We at Praise TV believe in skill development; all of our production team including the cameramen, editors, directors, graphics designers, artistes, presenters, sound engineers etc are all in-house evangelists who have developed their skills through working with Praise Tabernacle Mission Int’l and with Praise TV.