“For today the Lord will appear unto you” Leviticus 9:4b


Beloved, God’s mercy is beyond imagination. You cannot fathom what God can do for you. Your mind cannot even carry the weight of God’s desires for your life unless you have a renewed mind. No matter what the situation is, when God appears on the scene, it takes a turn for the better. God is great! Let the earth and all his works shout it. In all the ages past, God has baffled men with His wondrous works. There is no limitation with God; there is nothing that can arise that is bigger than God.

Any limitation you see is caused by man. Yes, from you and I. God is able to meet our needs but until we are ready to take up responsibility we will always fall short of God’s mercy for our lives. You have responsibilities that you must perform; things to do to guarantee the move of the power of God in your life. God has instituted various principles that govern receiving from the spiritual realm and seeing it manifest in this physical realm. In receiving God’s mercy, you must release your faith in His grace and compassion. You do this by; firstly, putting the Word of God first in your life, and making it your final authority. Secondly; meditating on God’s mercy, remembering that it is because of what Jesus has done that you will always be qualified to receive from the Lord. Thirdly; acting on the word of God. As you meditate on the Word and act on it, it will begin to cleanse you and open you up to receive from the throne of grace. Fourthly; Walking in love, remembering that it is faith that walks in love that is able to collect from the heavenly realm.

Beloved, be responsible today.

Leviticus 9:1-7

Healed of Hepatitis C and high fever
I suffered from frequent Hepatitis C and high fever. I went to hospitals and took several medications but it persisted. Then I started attending services in Praise Tabernacle. I got the oil of gladness and started using it in prayer. That was the end of the sickness. I have not suffered it again. Praise God!
– Ugochukwu

[Thank God for a new day]
1. Father, give me Grace to be responsible in Jesus name!
2. Every enemy of progress monitoring my testimony, lose my address permanently in the name of Jesus.
3. Angels of God, pursue every enemy of progress after my life and destiny. Let their ways be dark and slippery in the name of Jesus.
4. Lord, confuse them and turn them against themselves in the name of Jesus.
5. Every sickness projected into my life or any of my family members, OUT now and return back to your sender in Jesus name!


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