“It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord, and tossing praises unto thy name, o most high” psalms 92:1


Beloved this is your season of testimonies. Everything that has made you a laughing stock and an object of mockery in the past will fall under the judgment of God. God is set to make your life an epitome of His power and graciousness. God is on your side no matter the situation you find yourself in. That is why you should always be thankful for the mercies and faithfulness of God in your life. When you thank God for his finger, you will see his outstretched arm.

Ingratitude is the reason why many people are not blessed. When you don’t appreciate God, your life depreciates. If you want to keep your life grounded forever, live a life of an ingrate; never share testimonies. This is the reason why many people don’t enjoy the Lord’s favor, because they don’t take time to acknowledge with gratitude what He did for them the last time before asking Him for another favour and breakthrough.

Someone who is not fond of saying “thank you” falls out of favor with everyone. Testimonies give rise to more testimonies, both for you and for the hearer of your testimony. As they hear your testimony, it gives rise to faith for the same miracles in their own lives and it also stirs up your spirit and encourages you because you know that He who did the last miracle for you will surely be able to do the next one in your life.

This Month of testimonies shall be full of miracles for you only if you decide to be a testimonial of his goodness and mercies.

Psalms 66:1-20

Family deliverance
I thank God for the change in my family since papa sent some pastors of Praise Tabernacle to conduct liberation in my family house. Evil altars that limited us were broken down. We have been experiencing breakthroughs since then. My brother’s building project which was halted before is now nearing completion. Praise God.
– Chidinma N.

[Thank God for a new day. Remember other things God has done for you in the past and thank Him for them.]
1. Oh LORD, expose all the household enemies of my life, expose their evil agenda and destroy all their evil works in my life permanently in Jesus name.
2. Any power eating my food and drinking my water but planning my destruction, lose your power in Jesus name.
3. Any force from my father’s house that has vowed that I will not prosper, be destroyed by fire now in Jesus name.
4. I break every evil unconscious agreement with household enemies concerning my miracles, in the name of Jesus.
5. Every wolf in sheep clothing in my family and the church, be exposed and disposed now in Jesus name.


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