“For he that will love life, and see good days, let him refrain his tongue from evil, and his life that they speak no guile” 1 Peter 3:10



Beloved, Jesus has won the victory for you and you are more than a conqueror but you must still walk in obedience to be able to engage this victory. Yesterday, we learnt about love as a way to victory. Love is a way of life for we heavenly folks and it is our way to victory here on earth. It is in our nature as believers to walk in love, and when we do, it shows in our words and actions. The secret of enjoying life and seeing many good days is simply to do what our memory verse today says. You’ve got to bridle your tongue. Love always restrains you from speaking evil about others. Love speaks only well about others and it seeks peace with all.

Even the psalmist in the 34th Psalm from where Apostle Peter quoted our memory verse made it clear that bridling the tongue from evil was the only way to get his voice heard on high. In verse 15 of Psalm 34 he says, “The eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous, and his ears are open unto their cry”. In other words, keeping your tongue from evil and doing good while seeking peace and pursuing it is the way of love or the way of the righteous and what guarantees God’s ear being open to your prayers. Do you see why many pray and fast and still get no results? Their hearts are full of unforgiveness, and their tongues are always speaking lies, deceit, slander, gossip and so on.

You can’t be speaking evil about others, even in the church, and you want to see long good days. You may have faith but you will still not get any results because it is faith that works through love that is victorious. Stop criticizing, gossiping, backbiting and hating, and bearing grudge in your heart against people. These things end up drawing you back.

Psalm 34:12-15, Mathew 9:1, 1 Peter 3:10-12,

Blessed with a car
During a service last year, daddy picked me out prophetically and told me that God will give me my own car. Considering my level of income at the time, it seemed like impossibility. I stand to testify today that the prophecy has come to pass. God has given me my own car. Praise God!
– Grace C.

Today, our 30 days fasting and prayer focus will be VICTORY OVER THE SPIRIT OF FEAR

Turn to Day 12 of your prayer book and pray!


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