“… but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable and perfect will of God” Roman 12:2

Beloved, 2017 is coming to an end and we are grateful to God for bringing us into this last day of the year. Now, how you enter the New Year determines what you get from it. Beloved, if 2017 was not a good year, don’t enter 2018 with the same despair and disappointment. Our memory verse above shows how important it is that we renew our mind. Make sure there is an alignment of your mind with the promises of God despite any drawbacks experienced this passing year.

Here are some of the places a renewed mind has effect: WHAT YOU SEE: this talk about the eye of the Spirit. The future you can picture is what you will feature in. What you don’t see happening in 2018 will not happen. Whatever you see, write it down and keep seeing it.

YOUR WORDS: what you say will decide your 2018. If you speak negative words, forces of evil will be activated to frustrate you but if you speak positive words in spite of bad condition, angelic forces will likewise swing into action to turn things around for you.

YOUR ACTION: This has to do with the calculated steps you have decided to take in 2018. By now you should have done an appraisal of this year and see the areas you missed it and where you could have done better. If it was a good year for you, then you should have laid down plans on how to capitalize on your successes and even build upon them for an even better 2018. If you’re in Nigeria, don’t allow your mind and plans to be shaped and controlled by the recession. Instead, think the Word, reason like a child of God and ask the Lord for wisdom in times of difficulties. Prayerfully make plans for 2018 with fasting, seeking to get God’s direction for you in 2017. There is an ordained path for you; only set yourself to receive from heaven by renewing your mind.

Romans 12:1-end

Healed of difficulty in walking
I have not been able to walk for a long time due to pains. One day I was listening to Pastor Larry preaching on radio. When he was done preaching, he asked those who needed healing to touch the radio. I did and got my healing. Instantly, I got up and began moving about. The pains disappeared. Praise God!
– Mrs Amara

[Thank God for bringing you to the end of the year]
1. Father, I commit 2018 into your hands. Speak to my spirit dear Holy Ghost and give me directions for next year in Jesus name.
2. Recession shall not see me and my household in 2018
3. Every filthy garment in my life, catch fire now in Jesus name.
4. As I crossover to a new year with my family, no evil crosses over with us in Jesus name!
5. Any plan from the pit of hell to take me or any member of my family as New Year sacrifice, I destroy it now in Jesus name.


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