“Then after a time his master’s wife cast her eyes upon Joseph, and she said, lie with me.” Genesis 39:7


Beloved, we saw yesterday that God’s favour can produce supernatural increase and promotion. The story of Joseph shows us that God can take a man out of a bad situation to the pinnacle of greatness. So it doesn’t matter what you are going through now. If God has given you a dream, a prophecy, or a promise, His favour over your life will bring it to pass. God took Joseph out of a very bad situation and he eventually became a prime minister of Egypt.

However, Joseph had a role to play in this favour that rested upon his life. He refused to fall into the sin that would have been a cheap option out of his bad situation. When Potipher’s wife lusted after him, he could easily have rejoiced and seen it as God’s way of providing a “destiny helper” for him, or he could have simply sinned so as to spite the Lord who allowed such evil to befall him. Instead, he ran from evil, and that was key to his success. That was the reason why God continued to honour him and exalt him in the land of Egypt. When you honour God, God must surely honour you in return.

Many believers don’t know how to stand in the face of trials and temptation. A little provocation upon their faith leaves them helplessly falling into sin. The devil sends his agents to give them ill-gotten money and defile them sexually and their hearts are too darkened to see that not every open door is a breakthrough from God, or leads to their destiny. Beloved, some doors are of the devil and are to side-track you from your destiny. Righteousness will forever lift a man but sin will be a reproach.

Genesis 39:1-end, 40:1-end; 41:1-end.

Job provision
I thank God for how he helped me finish my schooling, for His protection and guidance. When I was through with school and NYSC, to get a job became a problem. During a service, Daddy called for those looking for a job to come out. I came out, he prayed for us and I dropped the last N100 I had. Few days later, I was called for interview by two banks I sent my application to. I went for both and had to choose which one to work with. Today I am working in a reputable Bank. Praise God!
– Godwin A.

1. [Thank God for a new day]
2. Lord Jesus, I plead for mercy in any way I have allowed sin enter my life. Purge me, cleanse me, and give me the grace to live above sin. Amen!
3. Every door of affliction that sin has opened in my life, I shut it now by the blood of Jesus.
4. Every seed of discord projected into this State and this Nation from the kingdom of darkness, be consumed by fire now in Jesus name.
5. I command favour that makes destiny helpers to locate me to come upon me now in Jesus name.


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