“And am no more worthy to be called thy son; make me as one of thy hired Servant” Luke 15:19

Beloved, your testimony is sure if only you can patiently wait for it. There is purpose in everything created. When a manufacturer makes a product, he has a reason for making that item. However, when that product fails to fulfill its purpose due to malfunction or spoilage, it becomes useless. In most developed nations, there are ‘guarantees’ on products and when they malfunction within the specified time, the attention of the manufacturer can be called and the products sent back to be repaired or replaced.

God does similar, but even better. He doesn’t throw us away when we malfunction but rather works on putting us back together again. Many believers have become like the prodigal son in our memory verse; when they fail in something or fall short, they feel it’s all over and rather than rising to try again, they fall deeper into a quagmire of self-defeat, depression and despair. They begin to think their destinies are destroyed and they self-destruct by thinking that it is sins of the past or something unforgiveable they’ve done to be undeserving.

Beloved, you are worthy to be blessed by your Father in heaven. God has made every provision for you to walk in power and dominion and even like a child that starts by falling down, when they try to walk for the first time, God doesn’t get mad at you when you fall short of purpose and destiny. But like a mother will clap for her baby’s first, second attempt and will keep encouraging the child to try again, and again, God will keep cheering you on like that mother, believing that you can and you will succeed and excel. For a righteous man falls down seven times but he keeps rising up each time. Don’t self-destruct; don’t make wrong choices that make you keep falling. Even when you fall, don’t think it’s over. Keep pushing; your testimony will surely come if you faint not.

Luke 15: 11 – 24, Philippians 4: 8

Saved from death
I thank God for saving my brother from death. He slept over in my house one night. The following morning, I gave him the communion blood of Jesus to pray with and left for work. He also left for work. Later that day, he called and told me that he had an accident on his way to work but nothing happened to him, not even bruises. I thank God who did not allow me and my family member to shed tears of sorrow. Praise God!
– Chidera A.

[Thank God for a new day]
1. Any evil habit in my life that opens the door of affliction in my life, be wiped out of my life by the blood of Jesus in Jesus name.
2. Anything in my life and destiny that is malfunctioning, begin to function well now in Jesus name.
3. Every provision made available for me by God, I begin to walk in them now in Jesus name.
4. Every projection of death against me or any one in my family, be destroyed by fire now in Jesus name.
5. Whoever has plans of destruction against the church in this Nation, let them be destroyed now in Jesus name.


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