He that committeth sin is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil. I John 3:8

The Bible says that whoever a man obeys becomes his master. That was what the tempter was trying to do when he came to Jesus at the temptation. It was not about doing those things; turning stone into bread, jumping down from pinnacle, and so on. No! It was about making Jesus obey his subtle suggestion and challenge so that Jesus would become his slave and not be able to fulfill His mandate. He had used the same method on Adam and Eve and it worked. Jesus kept overcoming him on different occasions till His death and resurrection when He had the final victory and took over authority from the enemy. Colossians 2:15 says, “And having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a show of them openly, triumphing over them in it.” When Jesus rose from the dead, He came to His disciples and said to them, “All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.” (Matthew 28:18)

So why did Jesus come? According to our opening scripture, “For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.” What has gone wrong in your life? What evil has the enemy planted in your life? What bondage have you found yourself in? These are the things Jesus was manifest to destroy. Beloved, you have no reason to suffer any affliction of the devil because Jesus paid the price and has full authority. As long as you are a true child of God, a blood-washed believer, the purpose of Jesus’ coming has no option but to show in your life. Your freedom is now! This is your month of overwhelming joy and you must walk in it all of your days. Evil works will not tamper with your joy anymore.
Mark 16:1-16

Financial breakthrough
Things were difficult for me financially. I was being owed in different places and all effort to make them pay me proved abortive. During a service, daddy called for those who will sponsor devotional and give to those who don’t have. I joined and sponsored, believing God for turn around. Days later, one of the companies owing me paid me. Praise God
– David

[Spend some time and worship God. Thank Him for all He has done.]
1. Lord I thank You for destroying the works of darkness in my life. I speak freedom in my life and everything about me in Jesus name.
2. Whoever has what belongs to me, I decree, they will not rest until they release it in Jesus name.
3. As we end this month today, there shall be no carryover of affliction in Jesus name.
4. I command the gates of April to open to me in Jesus name.
5. I speak overwhelming joy into every area of my life and family in Jesus name.

[Raise other prayer points as you are led]


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