“And I will give this people favour in the sight of the Egyptians: and it shall come to pan, that, when ye go, ye shall not go empty”. Exodus 3:21


The Bible says in Proverbs 10:22 “The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it.” God’s favour upon your life will bring blessings of wealth and riches to you. You cannot be a favoured man or woman and be poor. Never! You cannot be favoured and find yourself without help and stranded. No! Never! Favour is a force that attracts help to you; it attracts the riches and goodwill of the people around you. This is why as a favoured man or woman, when you enter a room, you positively attract the attention of people who see you, and they find themselves wanting to help you and be generally gracious onto you.

This was the case of the children of Israel when they were about leaving the land of Egypt. When the favour of God came upon them, it caused the Egyptians (their oppressors) to bless them with wealth; gold, silver and all they needed. So much so that when they left the land of Egypt, they were rich and wealthy folks, having spoiled the Egyptians and leaving them poor and desolate. This is the same grace you carry as a child of God.

When God turned to the children of Israel, the covenant of Abraham started speaking and Israel became wealthy for the favour of God upon them invoked their covenant birth-right of wealth and riches. This is the same blessing you carry and this is why you cannot be poor or in lack for it is your covenant inheritance through faith in Christ Jesus. God’s favour and abundance are coming greatly upon you this season. Amen.

Exodus 11:3, Psalms 34:8-10

I have a God-son who has always been sickly right from birth. Last week, his mum called me and told me that he was sick again. With anger in my spirit, I went to their house with the remaining communion blood of Jesus I had. I ministered it to the boy, prayed for him and left. The next day, his mum called to tell me that her son was healthy and sickness-free. Praise God!
– Cosmos O.

1. [Thank God for a new day]
2. Every long-standing sickness in my life, today is your expiry date, Die and dry up now in Jesus name! (Use the communion blood)
3. I speak life to every dead thing around me now in Jesus name.
4. Every plan from the pit of hell to bring bloodshed in this State and this Nation, be destroyed by fire now in Jesus name!
5. Thou favour that brings riches, come upon me, my family and the works of our hands now in Jesus name.


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