After word-study and prayer, there are other things you should do to ensure you grow spiritually. Let us examine a few of them:
•    Maintaining a spiritual environment: a plant grows better in a place where there is enough sunlight and carbon dioxide. This has to do with what you watch, what you listen to, who you hang out with, and so on. If you keep exposing yourself to evils like that, they attack your spirit-man and stunt your growth.
•    Attending services: The more you spend time with brethren in the presence of God, the better your growth.
•    Giving: where a man’s treasures are is where his heart will be. One of the ways of showing how much you love God and people is what you give to God and to people around you, be it cash or kind.
•    Deprivations: this involves fasting, sacrifice, and so on. When you deprive yourself of things your body really wants, you will be mortifying the flesh. The more the flesh dies, the more the spirit can grow.
•    Service: This is what you do in the house of God. What use are you in the church? Which service unit are you in?
•    Evangelism/ soul winning: those who are committed to winning souls are those who grow in leaps and bounds. They are the ones who receive more grace from God.
•    Principles: this means the kingdom ways of doing things. There are principles of finances which include firstfruit, tithing, prophetic offering, church offering, project offering, praying against horns, and so on. There are holiness principles, and so on.

[discuss others as you remember]

Luke 8:4-15, 1 John 2:16
In all we have discussed so far, there are things that fight to stop you from growing because it is only by growing that you can take what belongs to you. Here are some things that challenge spiritual growth:
•    Beseting sin: this is what people call ‘weakness’. This is the sin a person has soft spot for and which he or she is most likely to fall into. It hinders growth and can send a person to hell.
•    Lust of the flesh: these are the things which the body craves for. It must not necessarily be a bad thing but something ill applied. As natural as it is, sleep can fall into this category when it stops you from praying. Also food, when it stops you from fasting; clothes and accessories, when they stop you from being in church and giving to God, etc
•    Lust of the eye: these are the things the eye sees which the body wants to go for
•    Pride of life: things that make a person feel too big for God.
•    False feeling of arrival: this is when a person thinks he or she does not need to grow because they think they have arrived. They stop doing all the things that brought them to where they are. This is wrong.
•    Distractions: don’t focus on other things. Always find that one thing that is needful
•    Procrastination: this is putting forward what you can do at the moment. Don’t push prayer, word-study, soul winning, and so on till later when you can do them now.
•    Staying away from brethren: the more you stay away from church either because you have become ‘busy’ or due to provocation, the slower your spiritual growth until you stop growing.

1.    Pray that God will establish “the house fellowship” in Praise Tabernacle churches worldwide.
2.    Pray that the zeal of the lord shall consume every member of Praise-Tee.
3.    Pray that revival fire will breakout in Praise-Tee churches worldwide.
4.    Pray that God will raise financial pillars in Praise-Tee.
5.    Thank the Lord for his faithfulness in Praise-Tee churches.
6.    Ask for brethren with prayer points and let the house pray for them.
7.    Raise other prayer points as led.


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