A disciple is a person that learns from, actively and consistently follows another, and goes on to teach others to do the same. In the context of our discourse, a disciple is a person that learns from and follows Jesus Christ, copying His lifestyle to look like Him and teach others to do the same. When we talk of Disciples, don’t see the 12 apostles who walked with Jesus when He was on earth. As a child of God, you are meant to be like Christ, which makes you a disciple.

These are things that show that you are becoming a disciple.
• New birth: You cannot follow Jesus if you have not yet accepted Him into your life and become a new creation. Discipleship without salvation is an uphill and impossible task.
• Denying of self: you don’t indulge in everything other people indulge in. A disciple has boundaries.
• Having answered prayers: This is one of the rewards of discipleship. When you pray, God answers.
• Loving one another: Love is the summary of the law. It takes the matured to walk in love.
• Loving Christ above all: When you prefer to please the Lord and spend time in His presence, you are becoming a disciple.
• Taking up one’s cross: For every child of God, there is a responsibility. You have a cross to carry; you have a calling to fulfill.
• Preaching to the lost: A disciple is always preaching the gospel. The more you are discipled, the easier it is to witness to others.
• Lifestyle of faith: A disciple is a faith person. You hear the command of God and you carry it out, whether you understand it or not.
• Bearing fruits: You are saved to save others. You are disciple to disciple others. How many souls you win for Christ show how much fruit you have produced.

[Discuss and get more marks of discipleship].

Scriptural References:
Matthew 9:37; 10:1-42; 12:47-49; Luke 12:22-31; 14:25-33; John 6:66-69; 11:16; 13:35; 15:7-16.

[*Use the “30 days of Total Victory” prayer book to pray – Day 3]

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