There are different ways of winning souls.

Your fervent prayer for the unsaved (Colossians 4:12-13): This is the first step when you have a specific person/people in mind e.g. your family members, neighbours, colleagues, friends who are not saved. Realizing that it is the Holy Ghost that convicts, you do the spiritual work of prayer before you approach them with the gospel.
Your preaching/witnessing (Acts 8:4, Romans 10:10-17)): This has to do with opening your mouth and preaching, with the intention of converting the hearer. (What to say has been discussed previously).
Your lifestyle (Matthew 5:16): When people around you observe your lifestyle and it is different from that of the world even though you have the same temptations and pressure they have, they will want to know your secret. They will try to get close and then you will speak to them about Jesus and His transforming power. You may also seize the opportunity to invite them to your church or encourage them to be serious in the one they attend. If your lifestyle is contrary to the gospel, they will run from God. Be careful. (This does not take the place of walking up to them and telling them about Jesus)
Your support of others preaching the gospel (Philippians 4:15-19, Luke 8:1-3): This is when you put your money, energy and talent so another man or ministry can preach the gospel. Your financial support for the evangelism and outreach arm of your church falls into this category. Don’t withhold what you have and expect God to send help from heaven. Whatever is needed to propagate the gospel has been given to people. Release your resources for the gospel. Don’t take this option as an excuse and you neglect the first three.


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