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According to Acts 1:8, we are meant to start from where we are and win souls. Here are some strategies you can use since different people respond to different things and means of communication;
Discussion (Acts 8:26-38): This is shown in the encounter between Philip the evangelist and the Ethiopian eunuch. It started as a discussion of the bible and ended in the salvation of the eunuch. In using this strategy, you don’t preach the gospel straight. You could just be discussing normal things with friends or people you met in a bus or tricycle (keke), then you chip in the gospel and you can actually preach depending on their response and the leading of the Spirit.
Personal testimony and invitation (John 1:45-50): this was how Philip brought Nathanael to Jesus. Don’t argue with them. Just tell them “come and see”
Manifestation of the miraculous (John 4:5-30): When Jesus met the Samarian woman at the well, He knew she will not believe unless she saw a miracle so He prophesied to her. Some people will believe when they see a healing miracle, others; a deliverance miracle, or something supernatural that only God can do. When you meet such people, hold hands with them and pray. Leave the rest for God. When He answers the prayer or performs the miracle, they will believe.
Gospel Propaganda (Mark 5:27, 10:47, John 4:29-30): The case of the woman with the issue of blood is a typical example. She knew about Jesus and what He could do because people talked about it. Also, blind Bartimaeus knew Jesus was around because he heard. This has to do with telling whoever cares to know the things that God is doing both in the world and in your church. Gossip the gospel. That was what the Samarian woman did after an encounter with Jesus at the well.
Print media: This involves giving people print materials which they could read and the Holy Spirit would convict them. These could be Christian literature, daily devotionals (like His Presence Today), tracts, Christian bulletin/newsletter/magazine, and so on.
Mass evangelism (Acts 2:14): This is when you as an individual goes with a megaphone so many people can hear you at the same time. It could also be in early morning cry.
Strategic evangelism (Mark 6:7): This is called 2 by 2 evangelism. This has to do with an agreement by the evangelism wing of the church or members of a home cell fellowship to send people in 2s or 3s to preach in the neighbourhood. It could also be a personal decision between two or three people, not necessarily waiting for the day of evangelism set out by the church.
Church invitation: This has to do with inviting people to a gospel program that would impact their lives and also give them an opportunity receive salvation.
• Offering assistance/help: when you see an unsaved person in need and you can meet the need, do so. Don’t discriminate. It will make the person get more interested in your walk with God.
The social network media: Many people are in different social network media like twitter, facebook, whatsapp, 2go, badoo, and so on. You can use that medium to preach to those who are your friends, especially those you cannot reach one-on-one.

You can actually combine different strategies per time depending on the situation.
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