Last month we also learnt soul winning strategies. This means a systemic plan of action in order to win souls by all positive means possible. You need to be sensitive in knowing how to approach an unbeliever because different people respond to different things and different means of communication. We learnt about discussion like the one between Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch; manifestation of the miraculous like when Jesus met the woman at the well and she believed because He manifested Word of Knowledge; personal testimony like when Philip brought Nathanael to Jesus; gossiping the gospel; taking advantage of the print media through tracts, devotionals, and so on; using a public address system; going 2 by 2 to preach in an agreed neighbourhood; inviting people to church; meeting people’s needs as a tool of witnessing; using the social network media, and so on, to preach the gospel. Use whichever strategy suits you but make sure you are preaching the gospel.

Indifference and lethargy of believers to soul winning – many are not willing to preach the gospel. They lack the energy and enthusiasm to witness for Jesus. Solution – start with indirect methods which include sharing flyers and IVs of your church program, use your social network media to witness, realize that their blood is on your hand if you don’t preach and so shake off the indifference and nonchalance, and so on.
Blindness of the eyes – unbelievers are blinded by the god of this world and so they usually put up resistance to the preaching of the gospel. Solution – pray better, don’t be discouraged, keep preaching.
Finance/ money (the lack or insufficiency of it) – this is a major challenge in ministry. Solution – Use the money God has blessed you with to support missions, evangelism, and outreach projects. The Pharisees paid money to the roman soldiers to deny Jesus’ resurrection so we must also pay greater money to publicize the resurrection grace.
Procrastination/ excuses – this is a fatal delay which men so often make. Some want to respond but put it off to another day. Solution – insist, be a little stubborn.
Fear and self doubt – some people feel scared of approaching an unbeliever to witness. Some doubt their ability to witness. Solution – study the word more and pray in tongues often.
• Despair and feeling of hopelessness – some unbelievers feel unworthy and weighed down by their sins. Solution – you need to tell the unbelievers you talk to that the saving grace of God is greater than every sin they have committed. Let them know that it was for their sins that Jesus died.
Lack of preparation – this can floor you, especially when you meet people who tackle you with questions with the intention of confusing you. Solution – fortify yourself with the Word, pray in tongues often which will give you boldness, maintain a quiet spirit so you can hear the Holy Spirit.
Don’t abandon new coverts. If you do, they will not grow and can easily backslide, they will be confused and be tossed about from doctrine to doctrine and from church to church, they will be spiritual bastards. So what do you do?
• Get the person committed in a bible believing church
• Discipleship: this involves clearing the person’s doubts about some things about Christianity, leading the person in baptism, and so on.
• Follow up
• Prayer for the new convert
• Discuss personal experiences on today’s topics
• Raise prayer points on points discussed today


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