Power materials are things used in Praise Tabernacle that spark the release of power from within you to take over your environment and change any situation you find yourself. Today we will be looking at “The Daily Devotional” as a power material.

 HIS PRESENCE TODAY (Daily Devotional)

“The cloke that I left at Troas with Carpus, when thou comest, bring with thee, and the books, but especially the parchments.” (II Timothy 4:13)
What is “His Presence Today” (daily devotional)?
• His Presence Today daily devotional is the Word of God made simple. Many people complain that the Bible is too big and so they don’t know where to start. The devotional makes it simple.
• It is the message of the Pastors Larry and Anita Mishael accessed every day.

Contents of the devotional
• Memory verse of the day which you are expected to memorize and know
• The message for the day to inspire you.
• Scripture for further study
• Praise report which are testimonies of people who have encountered the power of God in Praise tabernacle
• Prayer points each day.
• A section at the back pages that leads you in a salvation prayer.

What it will do for you?
• It will lead you through the bible in a simplified way
• It will stir you up to study the scripture more to understand the message of the day
• It will awaken your spirit and set the tune for the day
• It will make you more God-conscious.
• The message of the day will bless you.
• It will help you memorize one verse of the bible each day.
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How do you use it for better benefit?
• Make out time for it. Don’t study it in a hurry
• Study it in a quiet place so the Holy Spirit can drive it into your spirit
• Have your bible with you for reference.
• Study it with undivided attention. When you find your mind wandering, go back to where you veered off.

The daily devotional (His Presence Today) is not all you need as the source of the Word. The devotional is an appetizer that drives you to study more to understand the topic of the day. The ‘further reading’ section of each day leads you to more study. So don’t just stop at what you read inside the daily devotional; go further in studying the scripture.

[Make sure you get the daily devotional, December edition]


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