“As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby:” (1 Peter 2:2)

When a child is born, the child’s growth depends on what the child feeds on. That is what the scripture above is trying to communicate. When you get saved, you are born again and your spirit man is like a baby. Every new believer is a baby in Christ and needs to grow. The food needed urgently for growth is the Word of God. Food is to the body what the word is to the spirit. Only one book is the key to spiritual growth – the Bible.


2 Timothy 3:14-17
This talks about how you get the Word of God. Let us see few ways of accessing God’s word:
•    The Holy Bible
•    Daily guides/ daily devotional books
•    Inspirational and motivational books
•    Messages from proven men/women of God
•    And so on

Whenever you pay attention or get these materials, it shows God that you are serious. Then the Holy Spirit can help you understand and grow.


(Psalm 119:145-148)
This talks about spending time in the scriptures and with the spiritual materials listed above. Some people say they don’t understand the bible. Don’t study the word of God to understand every bit of it. No! If you do, you may get discouraged and stop studying. Study to know what is written in it. Read it like a story. Read it like an instruction manual. With time and with consistency, Rhema will begin to break out of the word for you. Using daily devotionals will be useful.

How does one meditate?
As you study, turn God’s thoughts and truths over in your mind. However, if you are getting confused about an issue, let it be.

What part of the day is best to spend time in God’s Word?
For some people mornings are best because their minds are fresh and they are not in a hurry to leave the house while for others nighttimes are the best because they are done with the day’s work. Decide which time of the day that suits you. However don’t rely on comfort. That is a trick of the enemy. You will never find any convenient time. Just make sure you do it every day in a relaxed mood.

Avoid the wrong word
Not every book is good for you to read. Not every message is good for you to listen to. When you read/hear the wrong stuff, your growth will be corrupted. Avoid heresies and false doctrine; avoid what feeds the flesh, and so on.

Benefits of spending time in God’s word
•    Your mind is renewed (Romans 12:2)
•    The word cleanses you (Psalm 119:9, Ephesians 5:26)
•    You learn the will of God and His expectations of you
•    You are built up (Acts 20:32)


[Luke 8:4-8]
The word you access cannot be of use to you if you do not first receive it. The scripture above is the parable of the sower. The seed was sown but it didn’t benefit different categories of soil. This depended on how they received the seed (the Word of God) and the kind of environment they exposed the word to.

[James 1:22-25]
You need to take a further step by doing the Word. Whatever be the instructions released, take heed to them.

Benefits of receiving and doing the Word
•    The Word becomes a part of you
•    You cease to struggle with obeying the will of God
•    Your life is transformed and it is obvious to all who see you

By learning and doing what God’s Word says, you can mature in faith. Commit yourself today to the study of God’s Word. Your efforts can repay you richly. Whatever time you seem to be sacrificing for the sake of studying the Bible can bring you great spiritual benefits.

1.    Pray that God will establish “the house fellowship” in Praise Tabernacle churches worldwide.
2.    Pray that the zeal of the lord shall consume every member of Praise-Tee.
3.    Pray that revival fire will breakout in Praise-Tee churches worldwide.
4.    Pray that God will raise financial pillars in Praise-Tee.
5.    Thank the Lord for his faithfulness in Praise-Tee churches.
6.    Ask for brethren with prayer points and let the house pray for them.
7.    Raise other prayer points as led.


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