“And he would fain have filled his belly with the husks that the swine did eat: and no man gave unto him.” Luke 15:16

Beloved, it’s not over till God says it’s over. I don’t know what situation you’ve found yourself in and you think it’s over for you, but I am here to tell you not to throw in the towel yet, God hasn’t finished with you. You can get to a point in life when you incur some great losses; you lose friends, money, contracts, loved ones and you can’t believe how bad things have happened to you. Maybe you are struck down by sickness or a calamity that has taken the best part of your years. You may have become so despondent and perplexed that you feel you have settled for a beggar’s choice in life. Beloved, I tell you today that you can climb back to that height from which you fell and even surpass it.

Stop listening to the lies of the devil. Don’t believe those lies anymore. The prodigal son allowed himself to sink to the lowest ebb by even desiring to sup with pigs. Your case can never be the same. You will never sink that low for God won’t let you. Like the prodigal son did, you must come to realization of whose child you are. You are a child of God and you have the Spirit of excellence living inside of you. It’s not over for you until God has made His name great in your life. God needs to show forth His glory in your life for all to see that He is a faithful God. You cannot name His name and your life will not be a testimony.

God is the King of kings and you are His child. That means you are an heir of all the wealth of this world. Turn back to your Father for his bounty and fattened calf await you. God is waiting to restore you and all you’ve lost. He said He shall restore the years the cankerworm, and caterpillar ate, so get ready for a turnaround. It is not over until God says so! Believe that!
Amos 4:6-10, Luke 15:1-22

<Menopause stops!>
I started experiencing signs of menopause when I had not gotten to the age of it. This resulted in my not having an issue in marriage. I attended service in Praise Tabernacle one day and heard several testimonies from the use of the communion blood of Jesus. I got it and began praying with it. To the glory of God, the signs of menopause ceased and God opened my womb again. Hallelujah!
– Felicia I.

[Thank God for a new day]
1. Every spirit of discouragement and despair, leave my life now in Jesus name.
2. Every power delaying my miracles, be paralyzed by the blood of Jesus Christ.
3. I refuse to enjoy next year, what am supposed to enjoy this year in Jesus name. I move into the fast lane of success in Jesus name
4. Every power of my father’s house, delaying my breakthroughs, be destroyed now in the name of Jesus.
5. Father, encourage those in church who are losing hope. Strengthen them again in Jesus name.


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