“There things said he and after that he saith unto them, our friend Lazarus sleepth; but I go that I may awake him out of sleep.” John 11:11

Beloved, one thing you need to remember in your daily Christian walk is that the situation you face in life that are contrary to your wish, may look final or even leading to death, but it’s not what it seems. Yes, that your problem may look like a life-threatening one; the sickness may look like it has no cure; it may look like you will forever remain unmarried; it may look like you’ve lost your promotion or your job and will never get them back; it may look like all is lost and that the promise of God will never come to pass in your life, BUT I want you to know that whatever situation no matter how terrible it looks, is not what It SEEMS.

You see, the enemy specializes in attacking our minds with lies. He loves to paint pictures of doom with different situations to make us lose faith and begin to doubt. But like Jesus said to His disciples, “it is for the glory of God.” Oh yes! It may be as bad as its looks but it’s not what it seems, because God has not finished yet. God always releases the last card and He always makes the crooked path become straight again. From our bible reading, it looked like all was lost and that Lazarus was dead but in our memory verse Jesus called ‘sleep’ what they called ‘death’. When He eventually stepped into the situation, death automatically turned to sleep, according to His word, and Lazarus arose.

From today onwards, never think the worst of whatever situation you find yourself. Never believe the gloom and doom that the enemy paints for you. It might look like it, but is definitely not what it seems to be. See every situation through the eyes of faith. Begin to see like God sees and before long, the bad condition will cease to exist.
John 11:1-42

Miracle Job and healing of boil
I want to thank God for what He did for me. I came to church and gave altar seed concerning a job I was looking for. To the glory of God, I got the job. Again, I had a painful boil in my armpit that refused to go. So I used the oil of gladness on it and that was the end of it. Praise God.
– Ngozi

[Spend some time and worship God. Thank Him for all He has done.]
1. Open the eyes of my heart O Lord and help me to see all my problems through Your own eyes so that I can enter into my victory. Amen.
2. Any force of lack in my life, cease your operation now in Jesus name.
3. Every curse of leaking pocket that has resulted in poverty, be destroyed now in Jesus name.
4. Whoever is in need of a job in my family, they will receive it this month in Jesus name.
5. I decree, positive prophecies made over my life and family shall be fulfilled this month. No more delays in Jesus name.

[Raise other prayer points as you are led]


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