But David pursued, he and four hundred men: for two hundred abode behind, which were so faint that they could not go over the brook Besor. 1 Samuel 30:10


You cannot overtake until you pursue. It is your responsibility. God will not do that one for you. You need to make a move and then God will grant you directional insight and speed. Our opening scripture began with “…but David pursued…” He and his men had just been ravaged by Amalekites who took their wives and children as captives. After getting the go-ahead order from God, David and his men PURSUED. They did not sit and wait for God to go and bring back their wives and children. No! They pursued. That was when they overtook the Amalekites and recovered what was stolen from them. Beloved, don’t fold your hands and wait for the blessings you lost to come back to you. You have a duty to pursue before you can overtake and possess. Overtaking is not for lazy Christians. You have work to do.

How do you pursue? You pursue in the place of prayer. Our 21 days prayer is on. Ensure you are part of it. Prayer does several things for you. It destabilizes the enemy holding your blessing, it opens you up to divine direction on which steps to take, it weakens the forces against your progress, and it opens the door of favour on you. When you are on fire in prayer, then next; you pursue in the place of sacrifice. There is nobody who is making progress who does not have an altar where they make sacrifices. We are more conversant with evil altars where people go to make sacrifices for promotion, political appointments, wealth, and even to destroy other people. The altar of God is stronger and the wise take advantage of the power therein. When was the last time you dropped a sacrifice on the altar of God? When was the last time you emptied your account on the altar because of a contract or blessing you are seeking? Unbelievers know how to pursue what they want. Believers need to wake up and pursue. Until you pray more than they do incantation and you sacrifice on the altar of God more than they sacrifice on the altar of idols, you will still remain at the same spot. It is time to pursue with everything in you!
1 Samuel 30:8-10

Healed of madness
One Saturday after I had returned from Business class, my neighbor suddenly started shouting and talking off-point. I noticed he was losing his senses. I rushed into my room and got the blood of Jesus. I made declarations over him and sprinkled it on him. Few minutes later, he was normal again. The madness returned back to the sender. Praise God!

[Spend some time and worship God. Thank Him for all He has done.]
1. Father, I receive strength to pursue and overtake in Jesus name.
2. I command this month to open up to me with good things in Jesus name.
3. I decree fruitfulness in my life and the works of my hands this month in Jesus name.
4. Every plan of destruction against me or anyone in my family, I destroy it now. Let the planners be exposed and put to shame in Jesus name.
5. This month, I overthrow every opposing stronghold, I overtake every holder of my miracle and I overflow in every area of my life and family in Jesus name!


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