“If you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the Land” Isaiah 1:19


Beloved, favour is not an accident but a deliberate design by God to reward you, sometimes for acts of obedience invisible to others. Favour can be when God causes someone to become a problem solver in your life. Favour can be an attitude of goodness towards you. Favour can be the willingness, desire and participation of someone to help you advance or obtain something you want.

From our memory verse today, you can see that favour is not a mere miracle; it doesn’t just happen but it is a reward for faithfulness. Favour can be obtained from the Lord by asking for it, but most times your faithfulness and obedience to the Lord sets you up for favour. How willing are you to be used by the Lord? How obedient have you been to the Word of the Lord? Some believers live anyhow and they sing the song of “grace covers all”. They don’t allow their lives to be aligned with God’s way and they feel they can live anyhow because of the grace of God that has shielded them from the consequences of the sins they live in. Well, the grace that the bible talks about is different from theirs because it gives you enablement to live above sin. We are called to be holy as God is holy. Jesus Christ was obedient even till the death on the cross, and it is that act of obedience that caused God to give him a name that is greater than every other name.

Beloved, be mindful of your Christian walk. Be faithful and obedient so that you might eat the good (favour) of the Land.
Isaiah 1:18-20

Healed of pains and leg ulcer
I did a spinal cord operation some time ago but the pains continued. This made me use crutches. I came to church one day and during ministration, daddy prayed for me that I won’t feel the pains anymore. To the glory of God, I am free of the pains. I have since stopped using the crutches. I also used the communion blood of Jesus on my stomach because of a sharp pain that occurs from time to time. I thank God it is gone. I also thank God for the life of my child who had a leg ulcer. I sprinkled the communion blood on both of her legs and the legs began to heal. She is healed now. Praise God!
– Lolo Maduakolam

1. [Thank God for a new day]
2. Every evil spoken word that causes me to lose favour, I neutralize you now in Jesus name!
3. [Lay your hands where you feel sickness and pray] O you sickness in my life, I command you OUT now in Jesus name.
4. Any man or woman holding this State and this Nation from progress in the spirit and in the physical, let their hands wither now in Jesus name.
5. I command unprecedented favour over my life, family, and the works of our hands in Jesus name.


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