See, I have this day set thee over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy, and to throw down, to build, and to plant.” Jeremiah 1:10


Welcome to May our month to Overthrow, overtake and overflow. This is God’s leading for us this month. We will take some time to understand what these words mean so we can flow with the prophecy. “To overthrow” means to remove a person or group of people from a position by force. This means that whoever is occupying your position of honour will be unseated this month! Any force stopping you from taking your rightful position will be overthrown this month! Get set to overthrow them. “To overtake” means to catch up with and pass a person or vehicle traveling in the same direction. It also means to reach and then surpass a level achieved by somebody or something. This is to say that this month, all those who ran ahead of you and are mocking you, you will catch up with them and overtake them. Be it in your health, in marital blessing, in financial blessing, in your academics, in appointments, and others. They will look behind them and not see you anymore because you will be in front of them. Say Amen! Also, whoever has taken what belongs to you, you will overtake them and collect your possession back. Say a big Amen! “To overflow” means to pour out over the limits or edge of a container because the container is filled beyond its capacity just like when you pour water into a bucket and it gets filled but you continue pouring the water. It also means something spreading beyond the area intended to contain it just like a crowd of people filling an auditorium and spreading to the street. For you as an individual, this is what God is saying; you will be so blessed this month that you will not be able to contain it! Every area of your life will be so filled with blessings that you will overflow! All your needs will be so met that you will begin to meet the needs of others from your overflow. “Not enough” and “Just enough” will end in your life. “More than enough” will begin. Shout a loud Amen!

Beloved, God has declared it. Your duty now is to align yourself at the appropriate angle to receive. Each day of this month has a specific word from God to position you to overthrow, overtake and overflow. Don’t miss any day. Prayerfully study your devotional every morning as an individual or as a family. These blessings will not pass you by. Amen!
Joshua 7, 1 Samuel 30, Joel 2

Healed of diabetes
The testimonies I have been hearing people give since I started coming to church are powerful. I used to think people who come up to testify were being paid to do so. Then sometime last year, I was diagnosed of diabetes. I rejected the result. With anger in my spirit, I got the blood of Jesus and said let me try it and see whether what people have been testifying about is true. I took it after prayers. I went back to the hospital to check again and was told my sugar level was normal. The testimonies are true! God is at work here! Praise God!
– Mr. Godwin

[Spend some time and worship God. Thank Him for bringing you and your family into a new month]
1. Father, help me align myself to the prophecy of this month so that I may reap the benefits in Jesus name.
2. This month will not pass without tangible evidence in my life and family in Jesus name.
3. Prophecy stealers who will work to stop me from walking into the prophecy of the month, I destroy your works now in Jesus name.
4. Every projection of evil coming against me and my family this month, I send it back to sender in Jesus name. I decree, whatever I shall do this month shall prosper in Jesus name.
5. This month, I overthrow every opposing stronghold, I overtake every holder of my miracle and I overflow in every area of my life and family in Jesus name!


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