“And when he had sent the multitudes away, he went up into a mountain apart to pray; and when the evening was come, he was there alone.” Matthew 14:23


Beloved, prayer is never a waste of time but rather it is a saver of time. Praying about everything and anything will save you a lot of time and trouble. Particularly, prayer makes you victorious over circumstances. As long as you have received Jesus as your Lord and personal saviour, you have received victory over the enemy and his cohorts. However, you need to enforce this victory. The enemy knows he is defeated but he still parades himself like he owns the place. It is your duty to put him in his place, under your feet, by the reason of what Jesus did for you. Jesus Christ always went up into a mountain to seek the face of His father and each time He came down from the mountain, He came down victoriously because He settled every battle in the heavenlies.

Beloved, battles are first won in the spiritual realm and the victories are then brought into the physical realm. If you cannot settle your problems before the throne of God and silence the accuser through the advocacy of the intercession and blood of our high Priest, Jesus the messiah, you will not be free from your troubles. You get your victory first in the heavenly realm where you are seated with Christ and you enforce it here on the earth.

You must not locate a physical mountain to go to pray like Jesus did. Your mountain is in your heart and by faith you approach the throne of Grace (Hebrews 4:16). You solicit for help and demand victory over forces against your life. No devil can deny you what has been paid for by that precious blood; and remember, your advocate and High Priest, Jesus, sits by that throne ensuring you get what you ask for. Become a serious prayer person today and see your life turn around.
Genesis 32:1-32.

Healed of Menstrual problem
During the June PHD service, while daddy Larry ministered, he called out those who had not seen their period (menses) for a long time. I believed God in my heart for restoration as I had not seen mine for more than one year. As I participated from Umuahia location, I trusted God and received the prayers. That was the end of the menstrual problem. I saw it and it flowed very well. Praise God!
– Sis Amarachi [Umuahia location]


Today, our 30 days fasting and prayer focus will be VICTORY OVER FOUNDATION ISSUES

Turn to Day 25 of your prayer book and pray!


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