“In the first year of his reign, I Daniel understood by books the number of the years, whereof the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah the prophet, that he would accomplish seventy years in the desolations of Jerusalem.” Daniel 9:2

Beloved, getting result is not just about praying but prevailing in prayer. Lots of believers attend tarry night, do personal retreats and so on, but how many get answer to their petitions? My God is not a fake God; He is ever powerful and still working on this earth in the lives of those who have submitted their lives to Him. Now, to effectively prevail in prayer, your prayer must be based on God’s word. Faith can only begin where the will of God is known, and God’s Word is His only will given to man. From our memory verse, you can see that Daniel understood by reading God’s Word that the seventy years captivity of the Jews was soon being completed, so Daniel prayed but it took 21 days before he got his answer. Why? It was because Daniel didn’t know that he needed to deal with the rulers of darkness in high place.

The angel told Daniel, “…your prayers got through on the very first day…” (Daniel 10:12), meaning that as soon as we pray, God hears, but we have to wait longer sometimes before we receive. However, know now that it isn’t God that withholds or delays but rulers of darkness, dark force intercept our answers, spiritual miracle hijackers intercept the Angels bringing our breakthrough. This in the reason why we need to prevail in prayer. Remember the devil rules the earth and though he is not ruling you, he has influence here on earth. The bible says we wrestle not against flesh and blood. So you need to do a lot of warfare while you wait for the answer to your prayer. You must learn to take authority over the devil, bind all forces challenging your blessing and release your answer. You have not prayed until you have prevailed, and you have not prevailed till you have received the answers to your prayers.

Daniel 18:12, John 5:19, Ephesians 6:10-18

Evil plan exposed!
We suffered so much attack in my Father’s house that I am the only man remaining. Evil people around us kept making attempts at my life. When I started coming to Praise Tabernacle, I found refuge. During the men’s prayer program in September, Papa gave us communion blood and told us to write our prayer requests and put it inside it. One of my requests was that God should expose the evil people around me. Few days later, a young man came and told me that he went to the house of a native doctor (dibia) to enquire and saw my family picture there. The dibia told him that some of my kinsmen brought the picture with the sum of N150, 000. He then told the dibia to destroy it. I thank God for the exposure and deliverance. Praise God!
– Lazarus E.

[Thank God for a new day]
1. I take authority over every prince of Persia withstanding my breakthrough. Get out of the path of my blessing in Jesus name.
2. Holy Spirit, move now through my body and uproot whatsoever my Heavenly Father did not plant in my body in Jesus name.
3. You spirit of infirmity that causes sickness and diseases, I command you to take away your hands from my health, in Jesus name.
4. Every hidden plan of evil against me and my family, be exposed now in Jesus name.
5. I speak into the lives of all the youths and children in my family and the church; they will be outstanding in whatever they do, and be useful to the Kingdom of God in Jesus name.


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