“Open the east window, he said, and he opened it. “shoot!” Elisha said, and he shot. “The Lord’s arrow of victory over Abram!” Elisha declared “You will completely destroy the Arameans at Aphek.” 2 Kings 13:17


To ‘Re-view’ means to go through something that has already happened while to ‘Pre-view’ means to see something that is yet to happen before the set time for it to happen. Beloved, your faith is the substance of the things you hope for and the evidence of things you have not seen. What this truly means is that God expects you to pre-view your victories and breakthroughs. God expects you to give him praise today for every victory He is going to bring to pass in your life. Yes, including all those yet-to-be-fulfilled prophecies. This is what true faith is. It is not about re-viewing but about pre-viewing. Everyone reviews their victories and blessings during testimony time or Thanksgiving Day, but not many Christians have really learnt that true faith is in pre-viewing their expectations and living out their prophecies even before they happen.

The prophet Elisha helped the King of Israel to bring about the defeat of Syria by leading him to pre-view his victory. This was indeed prophetic (from the angle of the Prophet) but it was also an act of faith (from the angle of the king). As a matter of fact, pre-viewing your victories is practically prophesying it to the world and to yourself by taking conscious faith-inspired steps and actions. For instance; buying a wedding gown, arranging your wedding and booking with an event planner, even when no one has proposed, is a preview. Buying baby clothes when you have not yet taken in is a pre-view.

Pre-viewing is simply taking a leap of faith from the mountain top and watching God give you a pair of wings on your way down and rather than crashing, you soar. Living a life of daily pre-viewing of your victories keeps you walking in faith, and free from anxieties and loss. Take a step of faith after you have declared your expectations and leave the rest to God. You will never be put to shame.
2 kings 13:1-19

Healed of moving object
For about a month now, I experience moving object in my back. It was painful and discomforting. One Sunday morning it was unbearable. I got the blood of Jesus and took it when I got home. I slept off. When I woke up, I did not experience it again, till date. Praise God!
– Obianuju

[Spend some time and worship God. Thank Him for all He has done.]
1. Father, I thank You for You always meet us where we are and You never leave us stranded and helpless. Give me wings to soar on the winds of faith, in Jesus name. Amen.
2. Monitoring spirits sent against me, I terminate your works now in Jesus name.
3. Any witchcraft coven where my progress is being monitored, fire destroy them now in Jesus name.
4. Every evil projection against me, OUT of my life now and return back to your sender now in Jesus name.
5. I decree, positive prophecies made over my life and family shall be fulfilled this month. No more delays in Jesus name.

[Raise other prayer points as you are led]


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