“Is not my word like as a fire? saith the LORD; and like hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces?” Jeremiah 23:29


Beloved, if you are empty of the Word, you are in big soup being stirred by the enemy. The word of God is light, it is fire, it is like hammer, it is spirit, and it is sharper than a two-edged sword. The Word of God created the heaven and the earth and all that is above and beneath them. God honors His word because He and His word are one, and cannot lie. Even the enemy knows the power in the word and bows to it. The Angels hearken to voices that speak the Word of God.

You need revelation from the Word of God to have specific victories delivered to you. Revelation comes when the Holy Spirit breathes on the Word of God you are either listening to or reading, giving you insight, instruction, direction, and making hidden mysteries clear to you. It is from revelation that you receive specific divine direction that is not spelt out in the Bible. For example, you can receive direction to re-locate your business from Lagos to Abuja when you have never seen any of those places written in your bible.

This is why Paul said he prayed for the Ephesians church to receive the Spirit of revelation and wisdom and for the eyes of their understanding to be enlightened. This is important for all believers, so that when we open our bibles, we will not be reading ordinary letters but it will come alive, illuminated by the Spirit of the Lord, giving us instructions and teachings on how to overcome strongholds and the fiery darts of the wicked and move from the place of failure and defeat to the place of success and victory. Invite the Spirit of revelation and wisdom to take over your senses as you go to the word of God daily and receive divine direction.
Mathew 4:1-12, Ephesians 1:15-21

Healed of lump in the breast
During the June PHD service, I participated from Umuhu location. During ministration, daddy gave a word about a woman in Umuhu sitting at the row by the right who had lump in her right breast. I stood up and received the prayer. That was the end of the lump. I pressed the breast but did not feel the lump again. Praise God!
– Christiana O. [Umuhu location]


Today, our 30 days fasting and prayer focus will be VICTORY OVER DEBTS

Turn to Day .. of your prayer book and pray!


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