And not many days after the younger son gathered all together, and took his journey into a far country, and there wasted his substance with riotous living. Luke 15:13

The story in our opening scripture speaks of the prodigal son who took his portion of his father’s goods and went to a far country and squandered it. The word prodigal means a recklessly extravagant consumer or a wasteful spender. This is to say that the problem with the prodigal son was not that he took his portion but that he wasted it.

We are in the season of spending. People want to buy things to show their achievements for the year, most times to impress others. People buy clothes and things at exorbitant prices because they want to make a statement. They usually forget that January is around the corner when the demand for reasonable spending will be made like children’s fees, house rents, and so on. Then, those who have wasted their finances will be broke and stranded and start from the scratch. What people think or say does not matter at all. Don’t let their opinion make you prodigal. Beloved, curtail your expenses this season. Make sure you have a reasonable part of your finances kept aside for the following year.

This is the time to prepare for next year. Bear in mind that your Firstfruit of 2018 belongs to God. This means that your January Salary will all go to God. This is the time to buy foodstuffs that will last till February; this is the time to remove money for bills to be paid in January. Whatever is left, you can now spend in the Christmas celebration. If you are a child of God who believes in Kingdom principles, You will not use your income until February. So be wise!

Luke 15

Job and Healing
I got the oil of gladness for my brother who was looking for a job. He rubbed the oil on his body and went for a job interview. Out of all the people that came for the interview, he was the only one selected. He was then given a very good position with less stress. Again I was in a service and daddy called for those suffering from Gonorrhea to come out. We did, he prayed for us and declared that we will not see it again. Since then, I have not seen any sign of it. Praise God!
– Favour N.

[Thank God for a new day]
1. Lord, give me the grace to spend wisely. May I never be pressurized into wrong and wasteful spending in Jesus name.
2. Every devourer that wants to come into your life this season is destroyed by fire in the mighty name of Jesus!
3. Every curse of leaking pocket, I destroy you by the blood of Jesus and fire of the Holy Ghost now in Jesus name!
4. Every blood sucking demon sent in my path, receive fire now in Jesus name!
5. I command a release of jobs for members of my family in need of it in Jesus name!


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