“And seeing the multitudes he went up into a mountain; and when he was set his disciples came unto him. And he opened his mouth, and taught them saying…” Matthew 5:1-2


Jesus Christ obeyed this principle of spiritual refreshment that some believers have failed to live by. He knew that being in form as a man, He needed to commune with God and be refreshed by the Holy Spirit to be able to function on earth in power and dominion. So, before and after each crusade, He would go into a secluded place and drink from heaven. That was a pattern He was setting for us as Christians. But how do some Christians of this end time like to spend their free time? They like to refresh with Nollywood film or hang out with friends at the mall or catch a movie at the cinema, and the devil is having a party because of their stupidity.

Lack of spiritual refreshment will stagnate you at a level of prayer and place a roof over the degree of blessings you can receive from the Lord. You need to stop having partial contact with the Holy Spirit. Learn to enter His presence and dwell there. Just like Jesus was set before His disciples came to Him, you are only set to leave your home or to carry out your kingdom purpose when you have finished with your spiritual interactions with the Holy Spirit. There should be no rushing in and rushing out. When you enter God’s presence, you need to give time for Him to speak with you, instruct you, teach you, and even show you things to come. After you’ve spent time with the master, you now become equipped and ready to go forth and dominate your world.

2 Chronicles 18:23-24, Matthew 8:1

Healed of strange sickness
I have been listening to daddy Larry preach on radio and desired to attend service but each time I plan coming, I will fall sick. It happened like that one Sunday morning but I summoned courage, ignored the symptoms and came to church. As soon as I entered the church compound, the sickness vanished. That service was as though it was made for only me. I went home blessed and lifted. Praise God
– Ada O.

[Thank God for a new day]
1. Father, draw me close to Your secret place in Jesus name!
2. Every spirit of ‘hurry’, I curse you now in Jesus name
3. Every spiritual infirmity in my life, be healed now in Jesus name.
4. Every distraction in my life that stops me from spending time in prayer, I cut you out of my life in Jesus name.
5. (sprinkle the communion blood of Jesus in your mouth and declare) You strange sickness operating in my life, flush out from my system now in Jesus name.


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