“So the king got up and took his seat in the gateway. When the men were told, ‘the king is sitting in the gateway’ they all came before him. Meanwhile, the Israelites had fled to their homes” 2 Samuel 19:8


The desire of the enemy is to take away your joy this year through one means or the other but they will not succeed. One thing he wants to do is to push you out of your seat; push you out of your purpose; push you out of all the goodness that God has for you this year. There are blessings assigned to you this year. It is your duty to let the enemy know that 2018 is not 2017 or past years when you were deprived of your blessings. Let the enemy know that he can’t have your mind; he can’t have your joy; he can’t have your promotion; he can’t have your will, and he can’t have your precious promises from the Lord. As a child of God, you are a child of the king and so you have a seat of authority you occupy. Take your place and send the enemy out of your life, family and the works of your hands.

You have been away from your kingdom for too long which is why you have suffered one loss or the other. Now God is requiring you to return to your throne and take your seat of authority in Christ. Now is your season to take back all you have lost; all that the enemy took by force; your health, your sound mind, your promotion, your spouse and all that God has for you. The enemy thought he had you and that he could weigh you down, but greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. This is your year and you’ve got this. Just open your mouth and speak like a king. Begin to make decrees. Begin to command your Angels to torment all evil forces that have been tormenting you. Oh mighty one, take back your seat of honor, favour, and authority and begin to dominate and subdue all your enemies.

Psalm 149:1-9, 2 Samuel19:1-10

Healed of 15 years waist pain
I suffered from waist pain after I had an accident 15 years ago. All the medications I took, none worked. I was in an anointing service one day and believed God for total healing. Since that day, I have not experienced the pain again. Again, my daughter had delayed delivery. Her due date came and passed and there was no sign of labour. I came to church with her picture and prayed for her. The following day, she put to bed.
– Mr. Luke

[Spend some time and worship God. Thank Him for all He has done.]
1. Dear Lord, this day, I take my seat as a child of God and I begin to declare judgment upon my enemies in Jesus name.
2. Angels of this commission, begin to torment all the human and spiritual forces tormenting us in the past.
3. Let those that are after our lives and progress be beaten back. Let their ways be dark and slippery in Jesus name.
4. Every sickness or problem that has lingered [name them], as the month ends today, so shall you end in my life and family in Jesus name.
5. Lord I thank you for the next level blessings upon my life and family this month in Jesus name.


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