“O give thanks unto the Lord, for he is good: for his mercy endureth forever” Psalm 136:1

Our Father in heaven is compassionate, which is another word for mercy. God is merciful in nature. This means mercy is His normal response to situations that arise. The way it is in your human nature to do certain things without thinking, it is the same way with God. Remember we are created in His image and likeness. When Jesus was here on earth, He exhibited this same compassion which motivated His teachings and healings. Severally, the scripture would say ‘…and He was moved with compassion…” This type of compassion is the same one that causes a mother not to think of personal harm in saving the life of her child. A mother can go to any length to fight off whatever wants to harm their child, no matter the danger involved. It happens every day. Even a father will challenge humans and forces of darkness when he feels his family is threatened. The mercy and compassion of good parents is far greater than any danger they see or feel in protecting their own. This is the nature of God. We get the similarity from Him.

However, until we take our place as children, God won’t be able to manifest as our Father. God is fully aware of our every sin, and He knows how abusive we can be to ourselves and to others, and yet He still loves us, so much so that He sent Jesus to die for us and redeem us. He hasn’t changed; he still remains merciful. You are the one that needs to change. You need to start acting like a repentant child and call upon His merciful heart for you to enjoy his compassion. The problem isn’t with God but with you and me. His mercy is sure and it is new every morning. That’s why you’re still alive till today. Even when you know you don’t deserve it, His mercy has kept you. When you take your place as His child and be obedient to Him; loving Him by keeping His words, He will be able to manifest greater mercy as your Heavenly Father.

Psalm 136:1-23

Restoration and healing
I want to thank God for multiple blessings. My son’s certificate got lost in school. It was a source of concern to us. During a service, daddy declared restoration of everything we have lost. I received it on his behalf. Few days later, he was called and told that the missing certificate had been seen. Again, during a service, as daddy prayed for the sick, he asked us to lay our hands where we feel pain. I did that and that was the end of the pain I suffered. Praise God.
– Ada O.

[Thank God for a new day]
1. Father, let Your mercy manifest in my life in Jesus name.
2. I command lack to cease in my life today in Jesus name. My bans will overflow with sweet things in Jesus name!
3. Let all my disappointments become divine appointments in the name of Jesus!
4. God of new beginnings, begin a new dimension of supernatural exploits in my life this month in Jesus name.
5. I command restoration of everything I have lost in the past in Jesus name.


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