“Now his elder brother was in the field, and he came and drew nigh to the house, he heard music and dancing. And he was angry, and would not go in, therefore came his Father out, and intreated him” Luke 15:25, 28


Beloved, I want us to consider the elder brother in our opening scripture. Much of what has been said about him is that he was envious of his younger brother, the prodigal son. That is not all there was about him. He felt bad not because he was not happy about his younger brother’s return but because he had never gotten that kind of treatment from his father. You see, many believers are like the elder brother in this portion of scripture. They serve God faithfully, with all of their heart, strength, and resources but they don’t get the blessings they want. It seems like they are surrounded by water yet they are thirsty. Do have such a story? Be encourage beloved, for as the father said to the elder brother, it is so for you too; “all that God has is yours”.

You see, many times in life we feel unappreciated, dishonored, disrespected, especially in the house of God. We feel because the pastor doesn’t recognize us, that God doesn’t as well. Well, Praise God that He doesn’t see as man does. We feel like God has taken us for granted, and that we’ve been placed at the back burner while everyone else shares testimonies on a regular basis. This feeling is worse when you are in church for every service, vigil, prayer meetings, rehearsals, departmental meeting and yet with nothing to show for it. When they call for a volunteer at the book shop, to take care of the nursery or sweep and clean the halls and toilets, you are the one who shows up, but your life lacks commensurate testimonies.

Beloved, don’t despair; you are God’s precious delight. All He has is yours. Don’t see the ‘prodigal sons’ around you prosper and you get angry and jealous and say God is unfaithful. Don’t be discouraged, for those that have remained in faithfulness, God gives kingdoms. He makes them kings, to judge and share His riches. Yours is the best, for you are a son indeed, a controller of even the wealth the prodigal has. Remove jealousy and complain and you will see the riches manifest. Just make demands on whatever you want from your inheritance in Christ.
Luke 15: 11 – 32

Healed of Hernia
During a service, daddy called for those who were sick. I came out with my son who had hernia. He had gone through surgery before but the hernia came back again. After the prayers, he checked himself and did not feel the hernia again. That was the end of it till date. Praise God.
– Onyekwere I.

[Thank God for a new day]
1. Father, open my eyes to see my inheritance in Christ Jesus, in Jesus name.
2. Whatever prevents me from enjoying my inheritance, I terminate you now in Jesus name!
3. Whatever makes my efforts go unnoticed comes to an end now in Jesus name.
4. Every reoccurring affliction in my life, I terminate them now in Jesus name.
5. O Lord, make me relevant in my family and in the church in Jesus name.


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