“In hope he believed against hope, that he should become the Father of many nations, as he had been told “so shall your offspring be” Romans 4:18


Beloved, for your joy to be full, you’ve got to always have the force of hope working in your heart. The truth is that your life today is the sum of all you have believed and accepted. There is a level you will not be able to reach in life when you allow the pressures of life to beat out of you firm hope and trust in the Lord. Hope is a force that causes tremendous breakthrough in the life of those who have it. Hope is the mother of miracles. It is important that you have hope in your heart just like Abraham did. He hoped against all hope; and he never stopped hoping even when more than 20years had gone by and yet his wife hadn’t become pregnant. Even as his body got weak, he never stopped hoping. When Sarah’s womb and all her womanhood shriveled, he didn’t lose hope. He refused to consider the negative things around his miracle. This is the same way we should hope in God’s promise and be fully persuaded that come what may, no matter how long it takes, what He has promised will come to pass. Abraham’s hope strengthened his faith in God and thus kept his joy alive. So that where others would have given up,
Abraham continued strong in faith and today is the father of nations.

Beloved, do you want your joy to be full this season? Don’t let your hope fail. The Bible says our expectations or hope shall not be cut off, yet so many make use of the word ‘hope’ without understanding the power in it. They say things like, “Let us keep hoping and see whether things will change.” That’s a case of ignorance because without real hope, you are faithless. Remember that faith is the substance of things ‘hoped’ for. Your joy will be full when you begin to have living hope in the promises of God.
Romans 4:13-25

Healed of High BP
My brother suffered from high BP of up to 180/. In November last year, I came to church. I got the oil of gladness and took to him to pray with and take. He used it with faith. Next time he checked his Bp, it was down to 120/ and has remained like that since them. He is no more on Bp drugs and is hale and hearty now. Praise God
– Stella E.

[Spend some time and worship God. Thank Him for all He has done.]
1. Thank You Father, for Your promises to me are “yes and amen”, and I know I have them through Christ Jesus, Amen.
2. Every evil spirit speaking to me and sapping my hope, I shut you up now in Jesus name.
3. Spirits of depression and despair upon me or anyone in my family, OUT now in Jesus name.
4. (Lay your hands wherever you feel sick and declare) You spirit of infirmity in my body, OUT now in Jesus name!
5. I speak overwhelming joy into every area of my life and family in Jesus name.

[Raise other prayer points as you are led]


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