Believe in the LORD your God, so shall ye be established; believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper. 2 Chronicles 20:20b

Fathers are like feathers. A fowl without feather will be killed by the harshness of the environment. That is what your spiritual father is to you. When you are connected to the grace of your father, you will be protected from evils. That has always been the pattern from scriptures. The axe head of the sons of prophet floated because they were connected to their spiritual father. God has reserved the right to bless for His prophets who are fathers of people. You need to locate your spiritual father. Once you have located him, what then can you do to tap into the grace of your spiritual father?

You can only tap into the grace of your spiritual father by drawing close with a pure heart and serve like a son, without eye service. When Gehazi allowed sin enter, he lost right to the Grace of Elisha. Another way to tap into the grace of your spiritual father is by giving. You don’t give because your spiritual father needs anything from you but because it is a spiritual principle that opens doors. When you give a cup of water to the prophet, you don’t do him a favour but yourself. When the zarephat widow gave to Elijah, she ended up having plenty to enjoy as long as the famine lasted.

Today as we celebrate the birthday of our spiritual father, make up your mind to do all you can to tap into the grace upon his life and move your destiny forward.

We celebrate our father today! Happy birthday sir!
Things to do
– Pray for our daddy
– Sow a birthday prophetic seed into his life


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