“He that diggeth a a pit shall fall into it; and he who breaketh a hedge serpents shall bite him” Ecclesiastes 10:8

Beloved, you are hedged around by the mercy and the love of God. A hedge is a fence for depicting territory and boundaries. It is used to stop unwanted elements from trespassing on private property. A hedge is a defense that protects from outside attacks. As a child of God, you belong to a mighty God; and so you are protected from evil forces which might want to attack you. If you could see into the spirit realm, you would have seen the Angelic forces that deliver you daily from unseen evil. This hedge is only for born again, blood-washed children of God. As long as you are saved, you have this hedge but you consciously and constantly activate it by daily taking the communion blood of Jesus which is ever powerful and will always produce health and life.

I want you to know that the mercy of God will never leave you. God has hedged you about even with the fire of His presence. This fire will consume every work of sin and evil in your life and around you. Also, do not forget the innumerable company of Angels that are present to keep you in all your ways and to make sure you don’t hit your foot upon any stone. The knowledge of these will make you confident this season. Nothing can withstand the glory and manifest presence of God in your life. Each time you go before His presence and soak yourself in worship, you come out with His essence and His glory light is wrapped around you. In the spirit you are enveloped by this glory and the enemy will flee from you for he will see the essence of God upon you.

Beloved, you are covered. No need to fear. Only depart from conscious sin because such sins destroy every kind of hedge.

Job 1:10, Isaiah 5:5

Run away son returns & deliverance from death
My son was ran away and cut communication with us. When we eventually got in touch with him, he said we were the cause of all his problems. I cried. During the 30 days prayer in September, I prayed fervently. To the glory of God, he came back and apologized. Again I was attacked with the spirit of death. I took the devotional book, placed it on my head and prayed. I became free instantly.
– Mrs Margret

[Thank God for a new day]
1. Any breakage in my hedge, let it be repaired by the blood of Jesus!
2. I destroy the garment of heaviness over my life and family in Jesus name.
3. I command every difficult situation in my life to turn around and bring testimonies in Jesus name!
4. Any force that turned my family member against me or made them to forget me, be destroyed by fire now in Jesus name!
5. Any sudden visit of the spirit of death, I cancel you by fire now in Jesus name!



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