“And these things write we unto you, that your joy might be full” 1 John 1:4


Beloved, the revealed word of God and the spoken word of God you hear have the ability to bring overwhelming joy to your heart as a believer. This is because nothing gives hope and stirs up faith like the word of God. When you hear God’s word, you receive joy in your heart. Likewise when you speak the Word to yourself or to someone else, you equally receive joy. If you have not been experiencing joy in your life, the word of God must have been very far away from you.

Spending time in the presence of God and seeking intimacy with Him is not a herculean task, like some people think. You can easily accomplish this by opening your bible or listening to a message. If you think of the influence that TV and social media have wrought in your life, you will realize that you can use your precious time to study and hear the Word of God. You’ve allowed the cares of this life to occupy your heart and have let them take the place of God in your life. Thus the word is not in you and so joy is far from you.

The revealed word of God, which is the Rhema you receive or the special word you receive out of the word of God gives you hope. It gives you direction, it affirms Gods love to you, it opens your eyes to things you never knew before and strengthens your heart. Anyone lacking joy has not heard from God recently. Anyone lacking a joyous heart hasn’t been in His presence recently. The word of God wipes tears from your eyes, and it removes heaviness from your heart. In the word of God you will find answers and solutions that will remove misery from your life. In God’s word, you will find life, health, prosperity, hope and everything that can make you glad all the days of your life. Go back to the Word today and always, and drink from the fountain of joy. The Word is your source. Hallelujah!
John 1:1-40

VISA gotten!
I applied for UK Visa severally but was denied. In 2017, I applied again but before I did, I came and saw daddy Larry who declared to me that I would get it. I applied the oil of gladness on myself and my documents also. Two months later, they called me to come and take the Visa. Praise God!
– Mrs Iwuji

[Spend some time and worship God. Thank Him for all He has done.]
1. Oh Lord, create in me passion to go into Your word and search out truths for overwhelming joy in Jesus name.
2. Every spirit of spiritual laziness, OUT of my life now in Jesus name!
3. Every door that has been shut against me or any one in my family, I command them OPEN now in Jesus name.
4. Where others are rejected, I will be accepted in Jesus name.
5. I speak overwhelming joy into every area of my life and family in Jesus name.

[Raise other prayer points as you are led]



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