“A divine sentence is in the lip of a kin: his mouth transgresseth not in judgement.” Proverbs 16:10

Beloved, today we are still on “talking”. Many Christians waste their words on gossip, vanity and all sorts of things that do not benefit. Words carry great power, and scripture replete with principles that supports the use of right words and the efficacy of our Godly instrument to exert our dominion, that is our tongue. Job 22:28 says you will declare a thing and it shall be established for you”. This is as a result of your kingly anointing; which you entered into when you became born again. Apostle Peter goes on to tell us that we belong to a royal priesthood in 1Peter 2:9. So you see all believers are royalty; we are kings and priests and Jesus Christ is the king of kings and our high priest.

Beloved, look at our memory verse again. A “divine” sentence is in your mouth. When you speak, lots judgmental forces move swiftly to carry out your words. A king does not beg or cry to anyone for anything. He is the king, he is feared and obeyed. He does not condescend to anyone. He only has to make decrees and it will be put into law. He declares a thing and is passed through as a bill in the legislature and added into the constitution. He institutes, he confirms, he allows, he authorizes. Beloved, that situation may not leave your life until you take your place on your throne and start exercises your authority with words. Romans 8:9 says that the whole of creation is waiting for your manifestation. God is urging you today to come out from acting like a slave. God says you are his son and He needs you to begin to act like a son of God. The Angels are waiting to obey your instructions because God has sent them to minister onto you and do your biddings.

Arise o sleeping giants! Begin to make decrees and make bold statements based on His words. It may take time to materialize but be assured that it’s done.

Ecclesiastes 8:4, Romans 8:15, Hebrews 11:3

As a son of God I declare that this situation that is stressing me out is ending today; let the Angels of God carry this out speedily in Jesus name. Amen

I declare that the lines have begun to fall onto you in pleasant places in Jesus name. Amen

<Work permit gotten>
My husband believed God for work permit abroad for a long time. He did all he could to get it but nothing worked. During a service, daddy asked everyone with the picture of their loved ones to lift it up for prayers. I wrote my husband’s name on a piece of paper and lifted it up as daddy prayed for us. Few days later, my husband called and told me he has gotten his work permit. Praise God!
–    Egeonu G.

You are next in line for a testimony!

[*Use the “30 days of Total Victory” prayer book to pray – Day 29. ]


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