“Behold, the former things are come to pass, and new things do I declare: before they spring forth I tell you of them.” Isaiah 42:9

Beloved, our opening scripture today is the mindset that Baba God wants you to have. He has done away with the former things in your life and this year and season you just have to say goodbyes to your yester years. It is hard for so many people to let go of their past and look forward. This was why Lot’s wife turned to salt, because she couldn’t let go and looked back. Beloved, you’ve got to let go of all the pains, the losses, the mistakes and even the successes and victories you have gotten so far. God doesn’t dwell in a place forever but He moves in seasons and times and does different new things for His children.

God wants you to know that this level you are in is your least level. There is a place called ‘forward’ for you in this life. If you have settled into the mindset that things will always be stagnant, ugly or that you have reached the limit of God’s blessings for your life, then you have been deceived. Wherever you are, with God there is always a place called forward. With God there is always an end to what He starts as He starts something new. Many bible verses starts with, “And it came to pass” because God always completes what He starts and begins a new thing. The old must always pass away.

With that said, understand that all you’ve had as problems these past years are ending this month. Even unending praying points will see fulfillment this month. A new season has started in your life and you will experience more joy and peace like you’ve never imagined these past years. You have passed the tests, and you have been promoted. Welcome to your new season.

Isaiah 42:1-25

Business breakthrough
I thank God for how He used Pastor Larry Mishael to change my life financially and otherwise. I attend the billionaire class every Saturday morning in church where daddy teaches us about business and also anoints us to go and succeed in business. I took daddy’s advice to start up a block industry. To the glory of God, it has become big and productive. Praise God.
– Mathias O.

[Spend some time and worship God. Thank Him for all He has done.]
1. Dear Lord, thank You for You are making all things beautiful for me.
2. My current level in life, EXPIRE in Jesus name.
3. Those who laughed at me will come to me for help by the reason of the blessings of God in my life this month in Jesus name.
4. I receive idea for any business that will launch me into financial fortune in Jesus name.
5. I decree next level blessings upon my life and family this month in Jesus name.


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