On MONDAY, we learnt about A merry heart. Joy is not a human response to circumstances. It is not what you do when things are going well and not do when things change negatively. It is a decision from the heart to be merry no matter what. It cannot be done by the human nature no matter how hard tried. Your flesh cannot accomplish it. That is why the Holy Spirit was sent to those who receive.

On TUESDAY, we were told that Joy is our strength. When you are joyful, your whole cells and psych are stimulated to fight the negative situation. This is the reason why sick people who are cheerful recover faster than those who are not cheerful. Beloved, count your blessing, name them one by one and the realization of what the Lord has done will spark up the joy. Also realize that the God with you is able to bring your expectations to pass and joy will spark up.

On WEDNESDAY, we learnt about a life of gratitude. When you live a life of constant gratitude both to God and to men, you life will be sweat-free and easy. Acknowledging the good things God does for you will open more doors. The best time to be grateful to God is when what you are looking for has not yet come. It is called praising God in advance. When it comes, show gratitude. Make it a lifestyle today and you will never lack victories in your life.

On THURSDAY, we were told to stay in His Grace. Whenever a believer walks out of the grace of God, he positions himself for disgrace. Beloved, the safest place to stay is in the grace of God. When you walk out of it, you walk out of God’s covering and anything can happen to you.

On FRIDAY, we were told to live the life. People saw Jesus and knew that there was something different about Him. They saw the disciples and knew that there was something different about them. Are people seeing anything different about you? Are you a believer in secret and in open? What kind of life are you living? There is no way you will be living the life and it will not be noticed. Represent Jesus wherever you are by living the life of a true Christ-like believer.

On SATURDAY, during our house fellowship study, we were told to grow through prayer. We looked at what prayer is, whether God hears our prayer, why we should pray, types of prayer and the best time to pray.

1.    Is it possible to be joyful even when things are not going well?
2.    Why is joy important?
3.    Why should you be grateful?
4.    What does it mean to stay in His Grace?
5.    What happens when you walk out of the Grace of our Lord Jesus?
6.    How do you show Christ-likeness?
7.    How prayerful have you become since the last house fellowship study?

1.    Accept Jesus as your Lord and personal savior if you are yet to do so.
2.    Spend more quality time in praise, prayer and word-study.
3.    Tell somebody about Jesus, lead them to Christ and bring them to church.
4.    Ensure you attend church services more often than before. Join a service unit and be more committed to it.
5.    Read an inspirational book this week on any of the topics we learnt about during the week.
6.    Get the oil of favour, the communion pack, our books, DVDs, CDs, PHD mantle from Praise Tabernacle bookshop today and start making use of them.


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