On MONDAY, we were told to be strong in the Lord. As believers, we have a Father who is more than everything we might need, especially strength in adversity. He is the omnipotent God. You need to take advantage of His power or you will suffer like every other person. Always stand your ground in prayer, in stirring up the inner man, in intense study of the Word, in fellowship with brethren in services, in your service in church, in your relationship with your pastor.

On TUESDAY, we were told that we have an hedge. Hedge is a protection round about a person or thing that prevents attacks from enemies outside. Every believer has this covering. All you need to do is make sure you don’t break the hedge at any time. If you sin, run back to God with a repentant heart.

On WEDNESDAY, we learnt about Angelic presence. Angels are supernatural beings with unlimited ability some of which are: the ability to see both the invisibles and the visible, the ability to go anywhere without obstruction, the speed to cover distances in the twinkle of an eye, the strength to accomplish anything they are dispatched to do. The good news is that such great beings have been given charge to guard us. As long as you are a believer, relax, your Angels are in charge. Just realize that they are there with you always, put them to work through prayer and nothing will rub you of your joy.

On THURSDAY, we entered a new month with a focus on Victory through prayer. When Jesus died on the cross, went to hell, defeated the hosts of hell and resurrected, He conquered all. However you have to enforce this victory in your life and one way is through prayer. Make sure you join the Praise Tee family worldwide in the prayers this month.

On FRIDAY, we learnt about Victory through Praise. When praises go up, the heavens move on your behalf and impossible situations turn around. When you praise, you rub it in the enemy that he is defeated. When you praise, you reenact the victory of Jesus on the cross. When you praise, depression and oppression fly out of the window. When you praise, the sickness in your body flees. When you praise, shackles are broken. When you praise, obstacles are lifted. When you are a habitual praiser, your life makes 360 degrees turn around in the right direction.

1. How do you take advantage of the Lord’s strength?
2. What do you do to maintain Your hedge?
3. How do you put Angels to work?
4. How much prayer do you need to pray to have victory?
5. What should you Praise God for?
6. What does it mean to be a disciple?

1 Accept Jesus as your Lord and personal savior if you are yet to do so.
2 Spend more quality time in praise, prayer and word-study.
3 Tell somebody about Jesus, lead them to Christ and bring them to church.
4 Ensure you attend church services more often than before.
5 Join a service unit and be more committed to it.
6 Read an inspirational book this week on any of the topics we learnt about during the week.
7 Get the oil of favour, the communion pack, our books, DVDs, CDs, PHD mantle from Praise Tabernacle bookshop today and start making use of them.

[*Use the “30 days of Total Victory” prayer book to pray – Day 4]

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