On MONDAY, we learnt about unprecedented favour. It takes God’s favour to break you free from difficulties and struggles in life. All you need is the favor of God and your life will turn sweet. Look unto him this season for a turnaround in your affairs for He is faithful.

On TUESDAY, we learnt that favour isn’t fair. Favour will not consider whether you are qualified for a blessing or not, but it will make it possible for you to get it. When God wants to bless you and lift you up, nothing anyone says or does can stop Him. Not even your unqualification can deter Him.

On WEDNESDAY, we learnt that God’s favour enriches. God’s favour upon your life will bring blessings of wealth and riches to you. You cannot be a favoured man or woman and be poor, without help and stranded.. Never! Favour is a force that attracts help to you. Receive favour this month!

On THURSDAY, we learnt about the presence of God. The presence of God is very vital in a world that is going haywire. With the way things are going in the world today, the only safe place to be is in God’s presence. The presence of God is also a carrier of unprecedented favour. You need His presence.

On FRIDAY, we learnt about carrying the presence of God. You do this by receiving Jesus as your Lord and personal savior, receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit, making fellowship with the Holy Spirit a lifestyle, getting involved with what God is mostly concerned about; Souls, living a life of personal consecration, and being sacrificial enough to let go of whatever God requires you to.

On SATURDAY, in our house fellowship study, we began a series on Soul winning. We learnt what soul winning is and soul winning pathway. Read through again for better understanding.
1. What is ‘unprecedented favour’?
2. What makes favour unfair?
3. How does God’s favour translate to riches?
4. Why is God’s presence important?
5. How do you carry God’s presence?
6. What does soul winning mean?
7. What is your commitment to soul winning?
1. Accept Jesus as your Lord and personal savior if you are yet to do so.
2. Spend more quality time in praise, prayer and word-study daily.
3. Tell somebody about Jesus, lead the person to Christ and bring the person to church.
4. Ensure you attend church services more often than before. Join a service unit and be more committed to it.
5. Read an inspirational book this week on any of the topics we learnt about during the week.
6. Get the oil of gladness, the communion blood, our books, DVDs, CDs, PHD mantle from Praise Tabernacle bookshop today and start making use of them.


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