On MONDAY, we learnt about Victory by the Word. Without the word in you, you are open to attacks. It is the Word you declare in your prayer that the Angels act on, not how much you cry and display emotions. It is not the open bible under your pillow that sends witches away but the one you have downloaded into your spirit. Don’t let any day pass without spending quality time in studying the Word. Therein lies your victory.

On TUESDAY, we learnt about Victory through testimony. When you speak of the things God has done for you, He is moved to do more both in your life and in that of your listeners. Testimony is multiplicative. Testimonies beget testimonies. When you tell what God has done for you, those who hear you will have faith that if God could do it for you, He can also do it for them. That way they will be positioned to receive, and you are rewarded with more testimonies.

On WEDNESDAY, we were told that The Cross is our victory. When Jesus died on the cross, He went down to hell and defeated satan; and so His victory became our victory. When Jesus went down, He stripped satan of his authority and left him paralyzed and broken. Satan is still paralyzed and broken today anytime the name of Jesus is mentioned. Redemption indeed is a reality for satan has been defeated. Live in this consciousness.

On THURSDAY, we learnt about our redemption rights. The bible says we died with Christ and God raised us up together with Him. Hallelujah! When we rose with Christ, God also made us sit down together with Him in the Heavenly sphere, far above principalities and powers. Where Jesus is, that is where you are. What Jesus enjoys is yours to enjoy. Whatever rights and privileges Jesus has received is yours too because God himself gave you a ‘joint-seating’ with Him. You need to know this truth to walk in it.

On FRIDAY, we learnt about our authority. You have authority, power and dominion over satan. He has lost his power and has been defeated by Jesus and therefore by you. Your battle has been fought and won. The only battle left to fight now is the battle of faith.
1 How does the Word bring victory?
2 What happens when you refuse to share your testimony?
3 How is the cross your victory?
4 What are your redemption rights?
5 What authority do you have in Christ?
6 What is the essence of discipleship?

1 Accept Jesus as your Lord and personal savior if you are yet to do so.
2 Spend more quality time in praise, prayer and word-study.
3 Tell somebody about Jesus, lead them to Christ and bring them to church.
4 Ensure you attend church services more often than before.
5 Join a service unit and be more committed to it.
6 Read an inspirational book this week on any of the topics we learnt about during the week.
7 Get the oil of favour, the communion pack, our books, DVDs, CDs, PHD mantle from Praise Tabernacle bookshop today and start making use of them.
[*Use the “30 days of Total Victory” prayer book to pray – Day 11]


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