On MONDAY, we were reminded that except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. There are numerous benefits of being born again, one of which is that you will be favoured first before unbelievers. Be proud of your salvation because you have the advantage.

On TUESDAY, we were told to preach the Good News. We are sent to preach this good news everywhere we find ourselves; our homes, offices, our neighbourhoods, and so on. Make sure you are actively involved in the enlargement campaign we are on and God will bless you.

On WEDNESDAY, we learnt about obtaining favour. Favour is not an accident but a deliberate design by God to reward you. Sometimes it is for acts of obedience invisible to others. Be faithful and obedient so that you might eat the good (favour) of the Land.

On THURSDAY, we learnt about Desire for wisdom as a way to obtain favour. When you seek wisdom and you find her, she opens up a door of favour which brings honor, riches, wealth and every good blessing you can imagine.

On FRIDAY, we learnt about Diligence as a means of obtaining favour. It is bible principle that there should be no food for a lazy man. God requires His children to use their talents, brains and hands to find some profitable endeavour through which He can then bless them.

On SATURDAY, we learnt how to win souls. There are things to do. They include; fervently praying for the unsaved, preaching to them, living a life that depicts the gospel, supporting others preaching the gospel, and so on.
1. What does it mean to be ‘Born Again’?
2. Why is it important to preach the Good News?
3. Why is obedience important?
4. Why should you be diligent?
5. Why must you desire wisdom?
6. In what way have you been able to win souls?
1. Accept Jesus as your Lord and personal savior if you are yet to do so.
2. Spend more quality time in praise, prayer and word-study daily.
3. Tell somebody about Jesus, lead the person to Christ and bring the person to church.
4. Ensure you attend church services more often than before. Join a service unit and be more committed to it.
5. Read an inspirational book this week on any of the topics we learnt about during the week.
6. Get the oil of gladness, the communion blood, our books, DVDs, CDs, PHD mantle from Praise Tabernacle bookshop today and start making use of them.


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