But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way. Matthew 13:25


When you are sleeping, you are totally unaware of what is happening around you. In that state, those who are awake can do things and you will not know. When you wake up, you might see everything exactly as you left it, unaware that some things happened while you slept. By ‘sleep’, I mean a state of spiritual comatose, a state when your spiritual life is at its lowest ebb and you are insensitive to happenings around you. In this state, you are oblivious of the activities in the spiritual realm. This happens when your prayer and word-study life start going down. It also happens when sin enters your life. One of the strategies of the enemy is to plant evil seeds in your life when you are asleep. These evil seeds manifest later and struggle with the good things in your life. That was what the tares the enemy sowed did to the wheat the farmer sowed. Whenever good things are happening in your life, the enemy always tries to sow evil seeds to choke the good seeds. No wonder many are suffering today. They let the enemy in while they were sleeping

Whenever you start forgetting your night dreams, there is danger because dreams show what is happening in the spirit and keeps you alert. Any time your craving for sin is on the increase, watch it; you are sleeping. Whenever your prayer intensity and length drops, you are sleeping. Wake up! Don’t let the enemy take you unawares. Be a person of constant intense fervent prayer. That way no weapon formed against you will prosper; no enemy will be able to plant any evil seed in your life and in all that concern you.
Matthew 13:25-30

Delivered from the spirit of death
During the month of Total victory we prayed against any spirit of dead. I was in the dream one night and I was shot. I shouted “Jesus” and the death backfired to the sender. I woke up and prayed. To the glory of God, nothing happened to me. I thank God for that victory.
– Uche C.

[Thank God for a new day]
1. I remove every evil plantation in my life by fire in Jesus name!
2. Every seed of sickness or affliction planted during night dream, be neutralized now in Jesus mighty name!
3. Anybody holding what belongs to me, release it now by fire in Jesus name.
4. Every evil attack against me through dream, be destroyed by fire now in Jesus name!
5. Every projection of death to me or any member of my family, I return you back to sender now in Jesus name!



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