“And we have seen and do testify that the Father sent the son to be the savior of the world”. I John 4:14


It’s Christmas season again, so let’s jingle all the way; but in the midst of the enjoyments, let us reflect on the fact that Jesus is the reason for the season. The coming of Jesus was as a solution to the fall of man. When Adam fell, man became subject to sin and its consequences, sickness, hardship and every evil thing the devil carried. The only way man could be free was by the shedding of blood. Animals were used and the solution was short-lived. There was need for a sin-free blood to deal with the problem once and for all. Thus, God needed a sinless being, but since He was the only one without sin He decided to come down himself. However God couldn’t save man as God became the demands for redemption and salvation required that it had to take blood and so God had to come in the form of a man; hence God sent his son Jesus.

Jesus was a fulfillment of the requirement. He was born of a woman and so He had flesh and blood but the life in Him was not from man but from God when the Holy Spirit brooded on the Word that was sent to Mary which impregnated her. Jesus lived, did the sign and wonders, fulfilling scripture about Him, and eventually went to the cross to finally deal with the consequences of the fall and bring redemption and salvation once and for all. The book of 1 John 3:8 says, “… for this purpose the Son of God was manifested that he might destroy the works of the devil.” Hallelujah!

You see, man needed a savior and God sent Jesus. That is actually what we should be celebrating on Christmas day. For God so loved the world that he gave His only son and any who believes in this son Jesus would be saved automatically. Some believers have already accepted Jesus but it’s in word and not in deed. You need to let Jesus in so that He can work in your life the finished works of Calvary. Let His blood not be shed in vain for you. Rejoice for a king was born, who lived to die for you and me that we might live forever.

Mathew 2:1-11, 26:1-50

Turn Around
Things were not going well in my family. All my children were stagnant in their work places. I came to counseling with my husband. Daddy placed us on fasting and prayer. We came back the following week and he closed the fasting. From then, things changed in my family. My children began getting promotions in their working places one by one. Praise God!
– Onyinyechi S.

[Thank God for a new day]
1. Thank you Jesus for coming to die and save me. I walk in this power and I shall see wonders in my life.
2. I receive from Your Divine resources this day and always in Jesus name.
3. Every covering cast over my face and my destiny, catch fire now in Jesus name!
4. Any invocation made at any road junction against me and my family this season, I return it back to the sender by fire now in Jesus name!
5. In this festive season, whoever has been positioned as a snare unto me, I frustrate their works now in Jesus name!



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