For surely there is an end; and thine expectation shall not be cut off. Proverbs 23:18


Welcome to November, our month of testimonies. In this month, God has promised to give us testimonies. A lot of things have been said about the economy and security in this year. They don’t concern us as children of God. It was during the plague of the Egyptians that the children of Israel prospered in Goshen. So even in the midst of hardship, we will still be receiving blessings. However, what you receive this month depends on your expectation. It is what you expect that will be delivered to you. It is only when you expect something that you will attract it and forces will be moved to make it available to you. It is when you expect something that you will recognize it if it comes your way. Whatever this month will deliver to you depends on your expectation. What have you concluded in your heart that this month will bring for you? Are you depending on the gloomy forecast of news agencies or are you depending on what the Word of God has said concerning us? Check your expectation. Make it align with the Word of God and the prophecy of the month concerning you.

Having an expectation in your heart is not enough. You need to add voice to it. Let us assume you need a new phone. Your expectation will make you voice it out to anyone who cares to listen. This will make people who are in a position to give it to you to know that you need it and provide it for you. Keep declaring your expectation this month. Angels will hear your positive confessions and carry them out. Your thoughts and your words will create a ‘Goshen’ atmosphere around you cushioning you from the sufferings of the world. Let your faith hang on the One who has the supply and not on your present circumstance. Expect load of testimonies this month and your expectation shall not be cut off.

Proverbs 24:14, Jeremiah 1:1-13

Turnaround in family
I attended service in September after hearing Papa’s preaching on radio. I came because of some issues in my family; my son who had been looking for VISA for years without success and my daughter who had been looking for a job. As I continued coming and praying to God in every service and using the blessed materials, God turned my family around. My son got the VISA and is in Turkey now; my daughter went for an interview where she was previously rejected, we sprinkled the communion blood of Jesus on her certificate and on her face when she was going. She eventually got the job and is working there now. I thank God for the blessings.
– Chioma N.

[Thank God for a new month. Take some time and visualize what you expect this month to be for you. Begin to speak them forth]
1. Any evil force sent to frustrate me and my family this month, I scatter them now in Jesus name.
2. Any loss the enemy is putting in my path this month, I cancel it now in Jesus name. There shall be no loss of life, health, property, joy and others in Jesus name.
3. When men shall say there is a casting down this month, I shall be lifted up in Jesus name.
4. No day will pass this month without a tangible testimony in my life and family! By the end of the month, all my expectations will be in my life in Jesus name!
5. Our church will experience new levels of glory this month in Jesus name.


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