One of the subheadings we discussed last month was defining soul winning. During that study we defined soul winning as a response to the great commission to take the gospel to the world starting from where you are, given in Matthew 28:19-20. We also saw Jesus’ description of the world as ripe harvest and we are the harvesters of these souls for the kingdom. As soul winners, we learnt that we are fishers of men, bringing people to the one who changed your life. As soul winners, we are witnesses, testifying of the wondrous works of the Lord. (Refer to last month’s devotional for more details of this review)
When we talk about soul winning, there are some misconceptions some people have. Let us examine few of them. Soul winning is not…
• Condemnation (Romans 5:12-21) – a sinner already feels condemned so you don’t need to rub it in. some get offended by that and will never respond to the gospel.
• Sheep stealing (John 4:35) – you are supposed to preach to unbelievers, those who are not saved. Don’t make the mistake of going to people devoted in their churches and trying to win them over to your own church. This is wrong!
• Running down other churches (Luke 12:14, Romans 14:4) – it is not an occasion to tell people how bad another congregation is and how your own is the best. You are to preach the gospel and the gospel alone.


Different entities play different roles in the winning of a soul. Know your part and play it well. The division is:
• You pray for the unsaved person.
• You preach to the person (directly or by invitation)
• The Holy Ghost convicts the person: this is not your duty. Don’t force anybody or insult anybody that rejects your message. Just do your part and walk away. Try again another day and walk away.
• You follow up: do this after the person is converted. Use wisdom. If you have to visit the person, don’t go alone.
• The church nurtures the person

How do you know that the person you are witnessing to is responding and is being transformed?
• Simple and pure faith –This is when a new convert easily believes God for anything. That is why most times, they seem to get answers quickly.
• Passion and excitement for the things of God – they are willing to attend services, pray, and so on. You need to guide them so they don’t go anywhere they see.
• An active conscience –New converts always feel bad when they do whatever they see as sin.
• A change of life –They may not totally change but you will see a marked change in their life that others can even testify about; things they used to do that they do no more.
• Willingness to obey the word – new believers are hungry for the Word of God. They want to know it all and hear it all in one day.
• Water baptism and Holy Ghost baptism – the discipleship training must culminate in water and Holy Ghost baptism for the convert to be a bonafide member of the household of God.
• Commitment in the house of God – they should join a department and activity group and in turn begin to win souls for Christ.


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