Last month, we learnt the message of a soul winner. We looked at different messages you can preach when witnessing for Jesus. Each message depends on who you are preaching to, the circumstance of the witnessing, which message you are conversant with and as you are led. Some of the messages we learnt about include; the love of the Father which made Him send His Son to die for the world; the work of Jesus on earth, his death and resurrection that dealt with sin, sickness, death, works of darkness; the new creation life and the benefits of it; the blessedness of heaven; the fearfulness of hell; and also your testimony of how God changed your life. (Refer to last month’s devotional for more details of this review)

You must not be a pastor or bible study teacher to be a soul winner. A good soul winner…
•    Must have a personal encounter with Jesus: you can’t tell people to get saved when you are not saved.
•    Must know God, Jesus and the gospel to some extent. (Don’t take this as an excuse. When you don’t know what to preach, tell your testimony)
•    Possess accurate knowledge of new birth
•    Have zeal and passion for the propagation of the gospel

Many Christians don’t like to evangelize because they live compromised lives. They do things and are found in places that even Angels of God will not dare to go, and so they don’t have a testimony to match the faith they profess. A soul winner must of necessity live an exemplary life. He or she must be a living epistle, manifesting the life and light of Christ. This enables him/her to effectively minister to all and sundry without spot, blemish or accusation. A godly life gives you confidence to stand and minister without guilt or shame. Here are some characteristics:
•    Holiness (2 Timothy 2:21) – God uses sanctified and ready vessel that are willing to be used. Holiness releases boldness and anointing.
•    Prayerful (1 Corinthians 16:9) – if you don’t live the lifestyle of prayer as a soul winner, you will be helpless against the different forces you will encounter. Prayer protects you, anoints you, and so on. If you pray well before going for evangelism, you will not need to talk much before the hearers are convicted and converted.
•    Humility (Philippians 2:3-11) – it takes humility for you to inconvenience yourself to minister the gospel to others. It takes humility for you to talk to someone and absorb insults from them even when you are socially and financially better than them. Jesus humbled Himself to die for us, Apostle Paul did the same to get to the gentiles, so should you.
•    A person of faith (Matthew 17:20) – a simple faith in Jesus is all you need to heal the sick and work miracles as you minister to the unsaved.
•    A consecrated life (1 Corinthians 3:17, 1 Thessalonians 5:23) – consecration opens you up to more of the presence and anointing of God in your life.
•    Conversance with the Word (2 Timothy 4:2-4) – you need to know your bible well enough to quote relevant scriptures while preaching. This means you need to be an ardent studier of the word.
•    Compassion for the lost (Matthew 9:35-38) – this enables you pray for the unsaved and seek them out. Compassion was the major key to the success in soul winning.


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